Wednesday, September 11, 2002

This will be a bit of a different entry today. We all know the importance of today, being it's been such a moment in our nation's history. I would like to take a moment to thank an unsung hero that aided one of my friends during the falling of the Twin Towers.

My friend Clint was staying at the base of the towers in one of the motels that was partially destroyed by the falling debris. He had ran out of the building, getting struck by much of the falling rock. He didn't remember how he ended up near a ferry that was taking people to New Jersey, but he did. He was wearing no shoes, and no shirt. A gentleman saw Clint and came over. Clint had quite a few bruises and such and was in shock from the whole thing. The man took off his shoes and took off his shirt and gave them to Clint. He then gave Clint the money to take the only ferry that would be crossing the river that day. Because of this man, my friend was able to get to New Jersey and call his wife. I don't know who he was but I want to tell him THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Because of you, Clint was able to come home to us in one piece. For this, I am eternally grateful. To all the unsung heros who did small and great things, our hearts are with you whether you are still with us, or whether you have moved on to the next light. Much has happened and I am so grateful that we are still here and still have those around us to love. We are truly blessed.

As for other news, I've added my link to the Cosplay Lab. It's found on my Clique/Cliche side bar section. I would like to thank Professor Tomoe for featuring me as one of the 10 new cosplayers, that was very sweet of you. I've almost completed the last of the costumes and will be quite the premiere at NDK this year. I look forward to seeing everyone, especially my dear imoutochan, Rekkachan. We'll be seeing each other soon, sweetie! ::smiles::

That's all for today. I know that usually I have LotR posts and a random thought, but for today I will forgo that. I promise it'll be back tomorrow but for now, I want to honor the day and be grateful for what I have. Thank you to my loved one and those around me, I know that we will be strong. Amen.

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