Sunday, October 13, 2002

Blech... Plain and simple... Blech... My tooth is killing me!!! Hai, minnasan, it's gotten just too bad for me and now I have to go and see the dentist tomorrow no matter what. I am eternally grateful for my parents right now, they've agreed to help me pay for this little dental excursion until I can get a new job. ::sighs:: I don't know, it's just not been the best day, I can't even sleep or the abses (sp?) from the nasty tooth gets down my throat. Thankfully I've got some of that Orajel, and it's actually numbing the pain. I'll actually be grateful for them sticking that damned Novocaine needle in my mouth tomorrow, oi!!!...

I helped Mum put up Halloween decorations today. Looks pretty dang kewt!! Ooh, and I think I'm gonna scrounge around for old and extra material and if I can come up with enough, I'm gonna go and make a young Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars outfit for myself for Halloween... ::laughs:: Hai, I think K has finally worn me down, it was more the fact that I found an absolutely adorable little Padawan braid being sold in a local store and since I've got my pixie cut and it oddly looks like a Padawan cut, I might have to do that. If not, I'm gonna' refix my Rikku boots and hope to Kamisama that it's not freezing Halloween night and hit the town as Rikku from FFX! Kee, I still love wearing that costume, even if it's a bit skimpy!

Once again, quiz post for today, I only got one since I'm being lazy again. That and I haven't found that many that were interesting of late. I like this one, it was to see what color of Aura you're supposed to have...

What Is Your True Aura Colour?

brought to you by Quizilla

This was a really satisfying result for me! I thought I'd be a White Aura, since one guy once told me that was what I was. I actually don't believe much in the Aura thing, but I think that I have a Blue one according to this quiz makes me feel good. I really do love caring for and taking care of people as much as possible!

LotR news for today, since I was feeling so lousy mum bought me a new package of Art Box cards. Kamisama, how many repeats are there in these packages? I got a Legolas one I had already, a section of the LotR title puzzle I had, but on the plus side, I GOT A NEW STRIDER STICKER!! ::giggles:: Hai, it's the scene in the Prancing Pony when he sees the Ring fall on Frodo's finger. Oi, I can definately tell I've watched this movie far too much now, I can ident pictures by moments in the film. Ooh, and the Lord of the Rings: A Visual Journey has updated recently with more TTT preview photos. Oh Elbereth, can there be anything more gorgeous than Faramir holding his bow, looking so lost despite it all? HUG HIM BOROMIR AND NEVER LET HIM GO!! ::gasps:: Have got to get back to writing that fic...

Well, that's all for today. I'll hopefully be able to post something tomorrow when I know exactly how the dental fiasco will go. I hope I'm not too gone for to the world! DOMO ARIGATO FOR 1000+ hits! I can't believe that many people read this thing! ::huggles to all:: Ja ne for now, minnasan!... =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: The highlight of your day is coming back to see if there are any new pictures posted on!

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