Monday, October 07, 2002

The good news is minnasan that my knee is still in tact and working... The bad news is, I've got something called Aggravated Severe Tendonitis. In a nutshell, it's the reason that my knee always feels like it's on fire. The doc prescribed Cortisone based steriod anti-inflammatories for me. The good news is that they do take the pain away to a very good extent, the bad news... OI, THEY MAKE YOU SO TIRED!! I kid you not, I took one small one and passed out for an hour and a half this evening and just got up about fifteen minutes ago. The other downer is that I'm supposed to stay off my knee period for 2-3 days. That means no dancing... ::grumbles:: BUT, in least I've still got my knee, ne?

Well, it's that time again when I bombard you, yes you, with more quiz results! Actually, I love posting these to my Blog, 'cuz I know that my Sissy and Oniisan take them, and I like to compare results with them! Without further adieu, here we go again! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

What Random Character would I be from a Random PSX RPG?

What random character from random PSX RPG's are you?

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SQUALLSAMA!!!!! This is such a great result! He was the reason that I really got into video games and even started writing shonen ai/yaoi in the first place! Yay!!!

How much of Slash Fan am I?

How Much of a Slash Fan are You?

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Darn straight, but you can call me your QUEEN!!!!

What Extremely Silly Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship am I?

The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz

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Yah, that's not a shock... I always test out as Mister Mortenson! ::grinz::

LotR news today, I'm thinking that I need to watch the TTT trailer again just to whine that there's no Faramir in it! ::laughs:: I'm really surpised my friends haven't started saying anything about my obsession with him yet! Oooh, and of course, they have that dark TTT preview poster out and we all know when they release the new Harry Potter movie next month, they'll have a MASSIVE TTT preview. In least, their supposed too... Maybe I'll get my Faramir then, ne? Haven't managed to snag any more Art Box cards yet. I'm really grateful that I seem to be the only one in town who buys them. Makes the collecting of them much easier. Now, if I can just get a Frodo card!...

That's all for today... I'm not supposed to sit up too long and I'm not supposed to stand too long either... Oi, getting caught in the middle bites. Domo arigato Sissy for liking the pink scrolling bars, definately keeping them now! Ja ne for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You go to a new movie JUST to see the TTT preview... ::raises hand guiltily again::

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