Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I'm off my knee... I've been off my knee the whole day now... And let me tell you what... I AM SO FLIPPING BORED, I COULD SCREAM!!! ::gasps:: I am serious, minnasan, this is a form of torture for me. Not being able to use my legs and being a dancer is the worst! I couldn't go job hunting 'cuz I can't walk and I'm not supposed to use my car, 'cuz it's got a clutch! Oi, I'll be so glad when I can actually use my knee a bit tomorrow. Thank Kamisama the meds are taking care of the swelling!

On the up and up, I wrote a new Worthing short fic piece! ::grinz:: I am so happy that my ZXG muse came back to me! I'm thinking about getting a new Blog or Deadjournal to post the new Worthing book on until I get around to moving the Secret Garden to a new website. Hai, I'm researching buying some server space, and when I do that, Worthing will be split into it's own page. I know that most people just visit the Garden to read the Worthing Saga any ways! ::chuckles:: Anyhoo, it'll be a while until I move all the files, so I think I'll find a Blog or Deadjournal that allows for comment leaving until that time!

Okies, cosplay news update. I'm gonna' go and visit my local surf shop and check out their all black surf bodysuits. I was thinking about how much this was gonna' cost me to make this bodysuit from scratch and I'm a stickler about things fitting almost flush to my skin. So I figure it might be easier to buy a bodysuit and make slight alterations then make the whole thing from scratch and not even know how it fits until after the fact. But if it's considered cheating, I DON'T CARE!! I'll still pick out the materials and hand sew on all the details, the hardest being the belts for Dark Riku's outfit and of course, his evil Keyblade, which I'm looking way forward to designing!

QUIZ TIME!!!! Hai, I know you all look forward to this part of my Blog! Can't wait to talk to you on Monday Sissy so we can compare answers!

What UnJammer Lammy character would I be?

I'm Parappa!

I took the UJL character test here! Take it and see which
Um Jammer Lammy character you are!

Made by: Pixy Teri & Misu. Take it too!

Now this was surprising to me! I thought I'd be Lammy honestly, but Parrappa is just a kewt!

What Ragnarok character would I be?

What Ragnarok Character Should You Be?
Quiz by Angelhalo

AW, I WANTED TO BE A CLERIC!! Oh well, in least the Swordswoman's skills are good!

What's My Final Fantasy?

What's your Final Fantasy?

brought to you by Quizilla

This is a surprise... I would have definately thought I'd been IV or VIII... Or even X!

What J/Rock band/icon am I?

What J-Rock band/icon are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

HIDESAMA!!! Actually, I confess that I'm not really into J-Rock or even J-Pop, but I do think that Hide is perty kewl thanks to a random sales person at the Con! ::winks at him::

LotR news for today, I didn't get to the store to pick up any more Art Box cards since I can't walk or drive... But I'll make up for it in a couple days when I've got my ability to move back! Oi, I'm tempted to watch the TTT preview again just so I can whine that there's no Faramir! Okay, yah, I know I'm a bit obsessed in that aspect! I'm thinking I just need to go see a new movie so I can watch the new trailers, ne? Oooh, and of course I can't wait to see the parts where Faramir helps Frodo and Sam! To know that he refuses the Ring! Then he lets Frodo go!! ::cries:: I know when that scene comes up, I'll burst into tears, I won't be able to help it! Damn Eowyn, she's so lucky to get a man like Faramir... Then again, if Boromir were alive, she'd not have a chance in Mordor! ::giggles mischeviously::

Well, that's all for today minnasan! Domo arigato for visiting with all the hits and please sign my Guestbook! Anyone interested in reading the new Worthing fic can e-mail me if you'd like it posted to my Blog! Ja ne for now! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: Someone asks you where you come from and you go off on a long rambling tangent about how your ancestor fell to the lure of the Ring and your bloodline was cursed, forcing you into exile from the White Towers into the Wilds...

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