Sunday, October 06, 2002

Well, minnasan, I'm DEFINATELY going to go and see the doctor tomorrow. My knees are not getting any better and a nasty discolored bruise formed on my left one earlier today. I was almost in tears and as much pain as I'm in on a normal basis, that really does say a lot in my case... Oi, I'll be so glad, maybe they'll finally give me another cortisone shot! Anything to take away the sting!

Hey, do you like the new colored scrolling bars? I thought this Blog template needed a bit more personality to it, so I made those colored bars that are all the rage. I really like these! PINK!! ::grinz:: In honor of my fave anime girl, Utena Ten'jou! I tried to find a color that matched her hair, I think it turned out perty good, don't you?

::chuckles:: I see LNchan took the Kingdom Hearts quiz too! I'm starting to think I'm the only person that tested out as Donald. That might worry me if I wasn't so into that particular Disney character. Speaking of quizzes, ready to bombarded again, minnasan?! Here we go!!! ::INSANE LAUGHTER::

What Yoshi color am I?

Pink to match everything else that's pink on this page!!!

Due to my renewed obsession on Star Wars, what planet would I be?

Which Star Wars planet are you?

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GO ME!!! Tatoonie rulz!!! Heh, of course it does, not only does Anakin come from there, but so does my baby, Luke!

Which Darren Hayes am I?

Which Darren Are You?

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Thank Kamisama, I thouhght I would get the version of him when he was extremely being a Diva... ::sniffles:: I MISS SAVAGE GARDEN!!! I'm okay...

LotR news for today, my Faramir addiction needs to be fed even more. Must get TTT ArtBox cards, and Topps cards related to Faramir... ::grinz:: Hai, he's my personal LotR obsession out of the characters. I just wanna hug him, he's always in such perfect, almost mourning sadness. And the fact that he has the courage to give up the Ring to Frodo, how is that for a man? If I were Eowyn, I would have bipassed Aragorn in a second. Then again, Eowyn didn't meet Faramir until later, but still! And of course, we know how much Faramir loved his elder brothe Boromir... ::wink wink::

Well, that's all for today... I've got to take some measurements off Yukichan coming up here to start on her Arwen TTT gown and also price material. Domo arigato for signing my Guestbook twice Moon-chan! Ja ne for now! =^.~=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You learn how to sing Enya's "May It Be" completely in Elvish...

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