Thursday, October 31, 2002

HAPPY ALL HALLOW'S EVE, MINNASAN!! Hope everyone is going to get lots of candy and good things tonight, since I myself will not be having that pleasure. I've just gotten back from the dentist and I'd like to state that I will never have a wisdom tooth extracted via pulling ever again. They had to shoot me with Benzocaine six times, and I still wasn't numb. I was already overly tired and a bit grouchy, so I just told them to pull it out, even though I wasn't completely numb. Between the tearing of my gums and the cracking of the tooth, I don't know which was worse. So I don't get any hot chocolate tonight, but I think I can eat a bag of Skittles (my fave candy) without too much worry.

Since it's All Hallow's Eve, I figured I would have a bit of a Halloween Blog. ::chuckles:: I went ahead and entered a pumpking carving contest on one of the cosplay websites I belong too. The first 3 winners get a free year's upgrade for their cosplay section. It was anime and non anime carvings. I, of course, had to carve Cho Hakkai into my pumpkin! Please visit the main page and check out mine and all the other entrants, there is a totally awesome Kingdom Hearts one that I really hopes wins, whomever did it deserves the prize!

Visit Cosplay Lab and see the pumpkins and all the great costuming too!

Quiz Time also honors the great holiday of All Hallow's Eve! ::laughs evilly:: So I figured I'd grace everyone with my Vampire quiz results, since I've always enjoyed that aspect of the Dark Romance!

Am I Lestat or Louis?

Are you Lestat or Louis??

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I am Lestat

Wow, I'm Lestat!... ::laughs:: The only sucky thing is it's a picture of Stuart Townsend. That man was way too whiny in the new movie for my tastes. I can't believe he was supposed to Aragorn before he got kicked off and replaced with Viggo Mortenson. Thank Kamisama for small favors!

Am I a Vampire?

Are you a Vampire?

brought to you by Quizilla
I Am a Vampire!

WOO, I'M A VAMPIRE AND I'M LESTAT!! Well it's good to know in least I'm interesting. But no, I don't sleep in a coffin, but I am apt not to sleep at all, and I am particularly fond of Dark Romance and the mysteries of the Night!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan, no LotR news for today, I figured I'd stick with an All Hallow's Eve theme this time around! Oh, I will be getting a phone by November 6th, so I should have 'Net access during that week, or a bit after. But please, minnasan, don't e-mail during the week and a half I might not be on-line, I won't be able to get back to you! Domo arigato for all the hits and please sign my guestbook and again Happy All Hallow's Eve! Ja ne! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Legolas swore to Sam that he was just looking for a pan when he promptly frisked the Hobbit for his "attributes..."

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