Friday, November 01, 2002

Minnasan, this is my last post for about a week, I'm afraid. ::chuckles:: But hopefully that will be the extent of the length of it. I'm a thoroughly exhausted, but thanks to my mum and my pop, things are looking up. We finished cleaning the bedroom and set the curtains and then it took us almost four and a half hours to clean the kitchen up completely and put the groceries in place. It's so hard, but I think it will be worth it. So, gomen ne minnasan, but please don't e-mail until next Friday at the earliest, I should be back on-line by then!

Oh, good news, my pumpkin tied for Honorable Mention for the Pumpking carving contest at Cosplay Lab and now I got the free upgrade! ::celebrates:: Hai, I know I'm easy to please, but who would have thought my Cho Hakkai pumpkin would have even placed?! Yay!

I had fun with this next Quiz, I found it on Moon-chan's Live Journal. ::laughs:: I adore Pet Shop of Horrors and of course I'm a hopeless Count D fan, but I seriously love Leon! So I had to find out if I adopted a Pet at this wonderful, frightening store, what would I own?

 Now you own a Tou Tetsu

Your Pet is Tet-chan, a male Tou Tetsu

Your taste for the savage and great attraction towards wild sensuality can only be matched with this. Tet-chan is for you: this cute and wicked man-eating demon mirrors your engaging and impulsive personality completely. With his ferocity there's always the danger he might eat you on an ill-tempered while, but if he truly falls for you he'll be the most jealous guardian you could get.

Find the PetShop of Horrors Pet for you.

WOO, TETCHAN!!!! Okay, he's like the second deadliest pet in D's collection, but I would have to have him hands down. He's sexy, wicked, and he's got an "appetite for destruction" if you would excuse the pun that matches my own desire for complete and utter domination. ::EVIL LAUGH:: No, I'm not wicked, I just look that way!

LotR news for today, all I want is another set of collector's cards and I am having a heck of a time finding them any where again! It's like there at one store, and then BOOM, they're completely gone again! I know LotR isn't as huge around my state as others, Star Wars owns that right, but these cards disappear so fast, you wouldn't know it! Oi, and I definately have to get all the Faramir cards and such when the TTT editions are released. I'll finally have some decent shots of Dave Wenham to work into new drawings and paintings! ::chuckles:: I'm at a bit of an LotR artistic stand still right now!

Well, that's all now for about a week. Domo arigato for the 1300+ hits, minnasan, feel free to sign my Guestbook and ja ne for about a week! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As Frodo looked over the rocky land that is Mordor, he could only think that he wished he had remembered corn pads for his feet...

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