Wednesday, October 09, 2002

In least I got to walk around some today... Not a whole bunch, and it was suprisingly exhausting when I did, but oi, just to move was so nice! ::smiles:: I'm honestly amazed that no one has tried to kill me for whining about not being able to work! I can be such a pain in that aspect, I know that all too well!... ::laughs:: But, by tomorrow I can have a bit more use with it!

Cosplay news, I uploaded three new pictures to my file. I added two shots of our Saiyuki group and one of my hugging a Black Mage that always gave me and Sissy free licorice! Check the new photos out at Oh, and you must visit Crissychan's cosplay portfolio there too, she's known as L the 3rd! The most awesome girl Squall cosplayer around! ::smiles:: I am bias, but she's totally kewl! Oh yah, for those looking for the photos of me, just search for Miracle Shining if I'm not on the list right away, you'll find it!

More quizzes! Actually, only a couple today, I was feeling lazy and decided I didn't want to post too much. Plus, one of the results pictures is huge!!! Buuuut, I couldn't resist posting the result, so of course I just had too... ::laughs:: Man, I'm really giving my Sissy and Oniisan a lot of quizzes to take lately!

What Fushigi Yuugi character am I?

Sarcastic Fushigi Yuugi character selector

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Yay for me, I love Chichirisama!!! He's so kewt and a lot of my anime friends think I act like him, no da! ::laughs::

What FF8 character would I be?

Which of the Final Fantasy 8 charatcers are you most like?

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Ladies and gents... I'M NOT SUPRISED!!! ::laughs:: No seriously, it's rare that I do not get him as a result. I don't know, apparently I'm perceived as the kewl anti-social, but really loving type... I'm not sure I'm quite as tortured as him though... And I would definately date Zell over Rinoa in a heart beat...

LotR news for today, no new Art Box cards... ::sniffles:: Beginning to think I'll be going through withdrawals soon if I don't get some new ones! I was just paging through my book and my Strider is ever so lonely without a Frodo to put next to it! ::chuckles:: I'm gonna blame the lovely AragornXFrodo ladies... They know who they are!... ::winks:: I have got to go and start pricing materials for in least Yukichan's Arwen TTT gown. I might put Strider off if I decide that I like Faramir's Emblem of the White Tree uniform better... Nooo, no bias here toward him, nope!! ::laughs hard:: I am so pathetic some times! Does anyone know if the TTT preview posters are available to buy yet or are they still only available on

Anyhoo, that's all for today. Gomen ne, I know it's shorter than usual, but I don't have a lot to say for once! Domo arigato for over 900+ hits and ja ne for now minnasan! =^.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You've considered redoing your whole home to represent a Hobbit Hole...

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