Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Just got back from my interview with another newspaper. ::sighs:: It went great and the wonderful manager wanted to hire me, but there were no positions left until November! She really wanted to give me a job too, and told me if I didn't find work up until November, she'd hire me then. Only problem is, well, no job doesn't pay for bills. I'm still waiting for a call back from the other newspaper I interviewed with. I'm not going to get down at all, I know I've got the experience and I get to talk to another real estate firm on Friday, so who knows, ne, minnasan?

Well, I am completely and totally obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. I've written four pieces of fan fiction for it, and there's just no going back for me!... ::GRINZ:: I think it's a ball and doing the art work for it has been a blast too! I'm still debating whether I'm going to put my new KH fic up on my Blog here, I'd like too, but I'm not sure. What do you think, minnasan? Wanna' give it a read? =^.^=

Took another quiz, this one anime related. As funny as it may seem, I'm not actually a huge fan of "pure yaoi" anime. I'd rather make the couples up then have them set. But I was pulled into taking a "Gravitation" quiz. HEY, I MADE A PUN!!! ::sweatdrops:: Anyhoo, I wasn't really familiar with the series, so I had to look up my character that I tested out to be after wards. Here are my results.

You like writing, you like your daily intake of
Budweiser, and on bad days (which might just fall under 'everyday'), you can be
a jerk. But underneath all that hard exterior is a sensitive boy struggling to
get out. Don't be afraid to fall in love; go find your pink-haired soul mate, and
smile awhile.

Gravitation Character Are You?

Geez, I'm always testing out as jerks or evil characters! Okay, well Yukisama isn't exactly evil, but he can be ebil. Plus, I've never really went for pink haired boyz as my play things. ::giggles:: I was hoping to test out as K after I found out about some of the characters! He loves his guns!

LotR news for today, I bought more Art Box cards. By Elbereth, do they make enough Uruk-Hai cards?! In the two packages I bought alone, three of the 3-D cards were Uruk-Hai and the fourth was of Hobbiton. The fourth one would have been better if I could have seen Frodo closer up. But then again, he was walking down the path, so it was a VERY nice shot of his loverly backside. ::giggles:: Bet Aragorn would have liked a closer look. Oi, I'm turning into such a hentai! S'okay though, as long as I keep my Faramirkun happy, all is good in the world!

That's all for today. I'm already starting my designs for my Dark Riku costume from KH, so I'll keep everyone updated on that! Let me know if you think I should post the KH fiction to my Blog! Ja ne for now! =^.~=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: You complain there are never enough memorabilia of your favorite character even though you've already filled two rooms and it's overflowing into the kitchen...

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