Friday, October 11, 2002

MY TOOTH IS KILLING ME!!! Oi, talk about an intro to my daily post, ne? No, I'm serious, I had a section of my tooth fall out about a week ago, and have no money to have it fixed. I made the mistake of eating a chip, and a piece got jammed right up in there where my open nerve endings are. OUCH!!!! It hurt so bad, I couldn't even curse. But in least it's going down to a dull pain now, and I'm pretty sure by tomorrow morning, it'll probably be virtually gone. Normally tooth pain doesn't bother me, I have my teeth drilled without novocaine, so it's a pretty nasty hurt this time around. But, in least it'll be numb and I'll prolly forget it in the a.m., yay!

Just finished working on a lovely picture called "The Dark One." He doesn't have a story, but he's pretty damn kewl to look at!... He's a mixture of bondage, tattooing and cyber Gothic. I really dig him, I think I'm gonna' make him Miracle Shining's Demonicon Daemon's Prince. After all, Miracle's Demonicon has to report to someone, since she has to report to the head of the Angelicon order! Aye, I just took my pen name from a character I created, she and I look nothing alike with the exception of having short hair, but mine isn't green!... ::laughs:: Oh yah, and I would never have a Demonicon around myself, so we're mega different in that aspect too!

LotR news today includes the quiz post of today! Actually, I kind of got the result by accident, it was just to see what kind of Movie Villian I'd be.

And What Movie Villain are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Wow, it's nice to know that I can be SUPER EVIL now! I actually dig Saruman alot as a villain. The fact that you've got Christopher Lee portraying him though is a big plus! I've always loved his acting, even when he was in this old bad Dracula movies! Other LotR news, I finally got my portrait of Viggo as Aragorn in pencil hung up in my room and my painting of Karl as Eomer hanging up. Took some planning, but I got the Eomer painting right between both my LotR posters. I love my one I have of just Frodo holding the Ring, it looks really dark and since my Eomer painting is virtually done completely in black, you can see the coinciding "doom" of it!... Oh Kamisama, I sound like an artist! I think I'm going to Rapid City tomorrow, if I do, maybe I'll be able to get something LotR unusual. Or find a TTT poster... I hope...

Well, that's all for today. I know, I don't have a whole lot to say lately, but it's been quiet. I'm working on the finalized sketches for my Dark Riku costume and preparing the new designs for next year's Con. Domo arigato for the many hits, please sign my Guestbook, and Ja ne for now, minnasan! =^.~=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You Know You Watch Too Much LotR When: During the TTT preview, Frodo faints and you do so right along with him...

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