Saturday, October 19, 2002

Wow, it's actually been a couple days since I posted!... ::chuckles:: That was 'cuz I was quite busy the past couple days, minnasan, I've gotten quite a bit of my needed household possessions on layaway at Wal-Mart and I had to head to Rapid City yesterday to set up appointments to look at apartments on Wednesday! The one for $300 a month is very nice according to my renter realtor, so that's the first she's gonna' show me. I'm so excited! KEEEE!! Hai, I know, I'm really easy to please, ain't I?

Cosplay news, LotR costumes may be coming along instead of being put in hiatus now that I've got a job. I'm not sure, but I'm kinda debating holding off on doing my Strider costume until I see how much work would go into making a Faramir costume! ::GRINZ:: Not that I'm bias in any way, right, minnasan? ::laughs:: But I still want to make my Strider costume, I luv the design and of course, it's in black... Actually, I'm not that huge of a fan of black unless it's in costuming, i.e. Goth Shorty, LuLu, and of course, my Dark Riku costume which I'm wired for sound to start on!...

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE BLOG AGAIN!! QUIZZES!! Hai, I think people only come to do these quizzes, I know Kichan does! ::chuckles::

First, what kind of anime fighter would I be?

What Anime Fighter are you?

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I'm actually not familiar enough with this series to know the character, but she looks kewl, doesn't she? I thought I'd have a more blood thirsty result... Chu! ::grinz::

Next, what kind of anime fan am I?

What kind of anime fan are you!?!?!?

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TRUE FAN!! Who will do everything in her power to get you utterly and completely addicted to Gensomaden Saiyuki. ::grinz again:: Oniisan, Sissy, Imoutochan, and now LNchan and Kichan know of this ebil power of mine!!

LotR news for today, no new Art Box cards, and went to the store and was left drooling over th 365 day calender for the movie! Ooh, and of course I must give huzzah to Baranduinsan for finishing "The Courtyard of the White Tree!" It was so beyond worth the wait, I tip my hat to thee! I finished a couple more LotR life like drawings, I can't wait to find a really good shot of Dave Wenham when he's more relaxed, Faramir should look melancholy in most pictures, don't you agree? Oh, and praise to JOMMYWORKS, the last manga comic that the lovely lady made was a riot! =^.~=

Well, that's all for today, minnasan. Domo arigato for 1100+ hits, I didn't know people cared that much! ::chuckles:: Please sign my Guestbook if you love the Blog and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As Boromir floated over the falls of Anduin, the last three grieved, especially Legolas when he realized that he so would have looked hot in Boromir's cape...

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