Sunday, November 24, 2002

"Blue Monday" by New Order covered by Orgy

I'm sitting here waiting for my hair streaking to get done. ::chuckles:: Hai, minnasan, I actually go to the extent of sitting and streaking my own hair until I have about 100-150 small streaks through it! This time around, I'm going with my light brown hair accented with white gold streaks. Should be quite the combination ne? I've been so busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday break with work, I'll be glad when it all comes together! Plus, I'll get to be home and see my Sissy and Oniisan that I haven't seen in way too long! Yosha!

I GOT TO SEE HARRY POTTER ON FRIDAY NIGHT!! Oh Kamisama, it was SOOOOOO good! I think it was better than the first one, but then again, I'm a sucker for great action styled movie! The Quidditch match kicked mega butt, I wish I was a Beater! Hai, most think I would want to be a Seeker, but I'm too violent for that, plus my second favorite HP character is Oliver Wood, captain of Harry's Quidditch team! I think he's such a doll, and he plays the sport brilliantly, ne? Wouldn't it be kewl if there was a real game like Quidditch? It'd probably be the only sport I'd bother to play!

Well, minnasan, I think I might be opening a new Blog/Blournal for my Saiyuki fan fiction called "Just RELOAD" and it'll be 58 (GojyoXHakkai) intensive with a slight sprinkling of 38 (SanzoXHakkai) when it suits me. Why a Blog/Blournal? More 'cuz my BIG Saiyuki piece that deals with a slightly AU look at the Saiyuki universe needs a home and since it's going to be very NC-17 in places, I couldn't post it at and I don't really want to build a whole website just for my Saiyuki fiction. So I'm gonna' check to see if I either want to go with a Blog or a Deadjournal or just find a journal proggie and build it myself! I can't wait to start though, poor Hakkai is really screwed in this huge piece, in more ways than one! Or should I say Hakkai's other "real" name, Uriel! ::grinz at the teaser::

QUIZZY TIME! Once again, I couldn't return to my Blog without having a humorous quiz this time around. I have pretty much no bust line, so I had to take this for my own laughs!

What Big Busted Anime Heroine Would I Be?
Which Big Busted Anime Heroine are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
You are Kei! You are half of code name "Lovely Angels" but everyone knows you as the "Dirty Pair" for you destroy everything you touch. You will shoot first and ask questions later and your boss has decided that you are the reason new pain killers were invented. You are tomboyish and are not afraid to pick a fight and beat up any man if he even looks at you the wrong way (poor Tomo). You will apprehend your target one way or another, although your Boss wishes it was one way and not the other! You think your partner Yuri is a waste of space.

KEICHAN!!! ::giggles:: I seriously always that Kiechan was the bomb, and she's so like me. I'm rather apt to kick a boy's butt to see if he's worth bothering to kiss then, and hai, I still think Yurichan is a waste of space. But in least Tomo tries to love me, ne?

LotR news for today, I changed my wallpaper at work on my computer. There's a yummy one of Lord of the of just Frodo holding the Ring to his chest looking ever so lost! I figure that Hobbit needs tons and tons of kisses, preferably from Aragorn and maybe even Faramir! ::giggles:: I wonder if Arwen would be jealous? You know, I kinda' doubt it, Arwen seems too Ethereal to be that. Now I could see Eowyn getting ticked, she just seems like she'd be the jealous type! ::laughs:: I also heard on the radio that LotR tickets have already went on sale, I think I might go and check to see if they're available in my area just so I can be sure I'll be there for premiere night in my city! Chu!

Well, that's all for tonight, minnasan. I'll be posting on Monday and Tuesday, but not for the rest of the week until Sunday evening again, as I'll be heading home to see my 'rents for pretty much the whole week for Thanksgiving. Domo arigato for the 1700+ hits, I hope that I can get "Just RELOAD" up and running soon, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Aragorn chided Boromir for the 12th time on the journey that he did not need to keep encouraging the Hobbits to sit on his knee and "blow his horn..."

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