Thursday, November 21, 2002

"Deeper the Love" By Whitesnake

I definately earned my money today! Wow, it was such a busy day in our advertising section of production! Just after lunch, the ad sales people bring in these two huge half page ads and tell my coworker and I we have to build them. I've only been at it two weeks, but my coworker just threw me the really hard one and told me I had to learn some time! I was really upset in the beginning, but he sat with me and reminded me that doing was the only way I could learn. He also complimented me, telling me I was a hell of a designer already, and I would be one of the best in ten years. ::sniffles happily:: So I worked my hardest on it, and you know what, it turned out better than I would have imagined! I'm totally psyched to see it get published in next week's paper! Yosha!

I was scanning some wonderful Japanese Saiyuki sites and finally got to see the "new" versions of our Saiyuki boyz' outfits for Saiyuki RELOAD! ::grins:: I was planning to do the youkai version of Hakkai for NDK next year, but I'm definately going to do his RELOAD outfit instead! It's almost the same style of shirt, but it's short sleeved now with black border and the shirt is worn long over his hips with a black border at the bottom. He also wears a slim fitting long sleeved black shirt underneath, but he's still got his white wrap and those lovely slim fitting tan pants! ::giggles:: I love Gojyo's new tan and deep sepia coat too. He's look way hot in it! I just wish they would make an animated version of the RELOAD series, don't you, minnasan?

QUIZ TIME! Once again, it's that time of Blog for me to post my results. I hope that all my Otakuchan take this one, unlike the manga artist quiz, this one makes sense! ::nugdes LNchan, Moonchan, Kichan and of course her Sissy and Oniisan::

What is my Anime Theme Song?

What's Your Anime Theme Song?

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Your theme is definitely Cowboy Bebop's "Rain." Sure, some people may find you a little depressing, but that's alright... who cares about them, anyway? Just imagine yourself strolling through blue black alleys all alone with nobody to bother you, contemplating your pain and eventually you'll feel better. Or maybe not. Depends on what you're after.

=O.O=!!! Wow, I came up dark and slightly depressing! ::laughs:: Oh hai, like anyone was really surprised, ne? Actually, I'm not as depressing as people tend to think. Twisted, scary, and dark, hai, but not as depressing...

LotR news for today, does anyone know of a site that makes desktop icons? I've been enjoying my lovely TTT desktop wallpaper and started to think that my little icons weren't just ugly, but did nothing to flatter our lovely Frodo's face! ::chuckles:: I'm sure there are sites out there, if anyone knows, could you please e-mail me the address or just sign my guestbook with it? I'd make icons for myself, but I'm just way too lazy and I'd need my advanced Photoshop I use for making ads to have them just so. Hai, I'm really picky, I want to make sure I have the yummiest Aragorn shots if I make them myself! ::laughs:: But, I know is someone did make a desktop theme, they probably already knew the yummiest shots, ne?

Well, minnasan, that's all for tonight. I'll be posting again on Sunday night, as I'm going home to see my 'rents, do free laundry and sleep where there's no noisy neighbors! Domo arigato for the 1700! plus hits, I can't believe that many people read this thing! Ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Legolas looked down at Gimli and suddenly had the insane urge to kick him for having obviously better done braids...

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