Wednesday, November 20, 2002

"Changes" by David Bowie

I got off work early today... Kamisama I was grateful too! Okay, I know that I really do need the money, but the tension in that office was so high today, I was afraid to cough or I might send someone off! Good thing that I'm actually really well liked by the whole staff, but they used me as the go-between for staff members that didn't want to talk to other staff members! ARGH, CAN'T PEOPLE JUST GROW UP?!! Sheesh, we're in a business, not high school. I know my big boss was catching a whiff of some of the rather unpleasant emotions flying around, which was making him grouchy too. It was just one of those days and I am SO glad to be home.

I saw that movie "Eight Legged Freaks" over the weekend. It was FABULOUS!! Then again, it was also a "huge spider" movie and it had David Arquette in it, so that was a highlight in itself! ::laughs:: I don't think it quite reached the "Sam Raimi Army of Darkness" award, but I will bestow it with the Really Good Award! It's hard to get to that Army of Darkness point, but there are a few films that can make it! ::grinz:: Of course, there's a lot of anime that can make it too!

Today's quiz time is compliments of LNchan's Blournal. I was surprised with my results, I must admit! ::chuckles:: Note, if you're not a yaoi fan, this is not a quiz for you to take!

How Much of a Seme Am I?
How seme are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

AH, HUGE SCARY EYES ON THIS KID!! Okay, I assumed I would have been 100% Seme since the last time I took one of these related quizzes, I came up not only 100% seme, but Level One Seme, aka the dark and possessive type. I blame the shift in my dominance to my love of Hakkai, who is beyond being an uke some times! ::chuckles:: Oh well, in least I don't have those huge scary green eyes like this bishonen!

LotR news for today, I went and visited Lord of the today at work during a down time and was very happy to find out they had put up TTT wallpapers for computers! I instantly had to download the 800X600 onto my desktop! I love it, the picture is beautiful and it's got my precious Frodo on top and a gorgeous picture of Aragorn toward the bottom. I also liked the fact that Eowyn was featured but was totally bummed that there was no Faramir! I know that Eowyn is a big part of the TTT arc, but I really think that Faramir should have in least been shown standing in the background, being he does help Frodo and Sam! Then again, that could just be my Faramir bias rearing it's head again, ne?

Well, that's all for today, minnasan. Domo arigato for the 1600+ hits! When I get enough money, I'll upgrade my Blogspot so I can have pictures and such, ne? Please sign my guestbook and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Mix up the letters in Frodo's name and change the F to a B and guess what? You get the word "brood..." Imagine that...

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