Tuesday, November 19, 2002

"Tamako's Para Para Theme Song" from Pop n Music 5 Soundtrack

Well, minnasan, I just couldn't take it any more. I finally had to call the realtor I rent from and report my downstairs neighbors. They've been noisy in the past, but I've gone for three consecutive days without any sleep due to their partying and then their subsequent arguing the next day. But, it sounds like my realtors weren't really thrilled to have to go and do something about it. ::frowns:: Kamisama knows I pay enough rent just like them, all I'm asking for is quiet when I sleep! Oi! I got home early from work today, started cleaning house and for the next two hours, all I heard was them screaming at each other, throwing things, and slamming doors. They're finally quiet while I'm typing here, but heaven knows for how long!

Looks like you're all in for more of my random Saiyuki musings today. ::chuckles:: Hai, I'm overly addicted to the series. Thanks to a conversation with LNchan last night, I've concluded that SanzoXHakkai has a much more fun advantage in reference to GojyoXHakkai too... Can we say 5+3=8?... ::laughs:: I think adding a bottle of wine and having Sanzo and Gojyo compete for whom can make Hakkai moan the loudest sounds like fun, ne? Oh, and on a rather odd note, I've realized I really love Konzen and Tenpou together from Saiyuki Gaiden. Mind you, not as much as Tenpou with his "hubby" Kenren, but Konzen is way nicer than Sanzo is, even if the guy is still a grouch. Plus, he and Tenpou like a lot of the same things. It's hard for me to picture Tenpou as being Hakkai's previous life some times, they're so different! But, Tenpou looks really pretty with Kenren and Konzen both. Funny how I'll really support KonzenXTenpou, but I'll half and half on SanzoXHakkai, ne? Boy, I really ramble when I'm Saiyuki obsessed, don't I?... ::grabs her Sanzo on a Chain (TM)::

It's my QUIZ TME again! I figured I'd do something a little different and post a Harry Potter quiz for once! I wanted to find out what Harry Potter kid I'd be!

What HP Kid Am I?...

Which HP Kid Are You?

YAY, I'M GINNY!! Of course I'd have to be, I love Harry! ::laughs:: I don't know, I thought I'd actually be Harry, but being Ginny and wanting to hug Harry to death is the next best thing, ne? CHU!!

LotR news for today, I saw some of the shots of the added minutes to the LotR extended edition DVD... ::sobs pathetically:: At this moment, I totally wish I wasn't so poor. Just for the shot alone of Frodo and Sam peering over the edge at the elven procession would be enough!! Isn't that shot just gorgeous? It literally brings Elijah's eyes out and makes them look like shimmering jewels! Oi, if that wasn't poetic, ne? I'm actually surprised though that the TV hasn't been bombarded by TTT previews yet. I see the video game all the time, but nothing really for the movie yet. I'm sure by next week after the Thanksgiving rush, it'll be plastered all over the TV, which is just fine with me!

Well, minnasan, that's it for tonight. I'm happy to say that in least my voice has gotten better and my art work has also too now that I don't have cable! Domo arigato for all the hits, please sign my Guestbook, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I firmly believe that if you looked up the word "angst" in any Middle Earth dictionary, there would be Frodo's picture next to it...

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