Wednesday, November 13, 2002

"Open Your Mind" by Mirai from "Genosmaden Saiyuki Image Album: Volume 1"

Well, minnasan, it was a pretty good day at work today for me! The only problem was, is that my Production Team is very efficient. In fact, we're a bit too efficient. Today I ended up going home from work early 'cuz there wasn't anything for us to do! It's good that I caught those extra couple hours on Monday and Tuesday. I'll be able to still pull out 40 hours a week this time around, but oi, I can't afford any more of these "nice breaks" after a hard day! I've got too many bills to pay. I guess I should be grateful for the spare time off today though, it let me run some of the errands I hadn't gotten to yet.

"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" opens on Friday. ::sniffles:: I really envy my friend Kichan for getting to go. I really wanted to see the premiere, but I'll have to wait until it reaches the $1 theatres here. Hai, minnasan, we actually have $1 theatres where I live. If you're patient enough, you can watch the movie on South Dakota's biggest screen ever at a place called The Elk's Theatre. I kid you not, the screen is almost as tall and as wide as a Drive in Theatre screen, it's even got a balcony! I went and saw LotR: FotR for the second time there. Sat in the third row and almost busted my neck watching, but it was worth it! Harry Potter will defiantely be even more fun seeing it there. Oh, and on a side note, I own a Harry Potter toothbrush. ::laughs:: I am such a geek.

My art work has sure gotten better now that I'm living by myself without any distractions. I think that I'm going to join this new web site that allows artists to display their work freely. Meh buddy Moon-chan showed me the site, she's got some of her awesome work up on it. The place is called Deviant and is one of the kewlest places to visit! Go and look up her work and my buddy Fairychan's, you'll love it!

LotR news for today is also my famous or infamous quiz time! I really didn't have any new LotR news or thoughts today, so I figured I'd just jump on over to Quizilla and see if they had any new LotR quizzes I hadn't taken! For once I was in luck, and I like the result of this one!

What Kind of LotR Fan Am I?

What kind of Lord of the Rings fan are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

WOO! It's good to know that I haven't gotten completely obsessive compulsive with my LotR fascination. That may all change though as soon as TTT hits the movie screen and Faramir comes riding up on his horse. ::swoons:: I just hope by Elbereth that I don't turn into a "screaming fan girl..." Okay, a "drooling fan girl" would be okay, Dave Wenham is just too beautiful for words in my opinion. Not quite as lovely as Elijah Wood or as daring as Viggo Mortenson, but definately hands down delicious. Then again, I might just be bias since he is my all time fave LotR character, ne?

Well, that's all for tonight, minnasan. I've got a hot shower that's calling me and a cup of hot chocolate that just must be drank! ::chuckles:: Oh, I hope you like my new beginning thing, I thought I'd list what song I was listening to for the day, makes the entries seem a little more personal. Domo arigato for the many hits and please sign my Guestbook if you get the chance! I'll try to update my Profile Bar coming up some time next week! Ja ne for now, minnasan! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Frodo held the One Ring in his hands and realized that not only was it all powerful, but gold definately didn't go with his skin tone...

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