Tuesday, November 12, 2002

It was definatively an odd day at work. Don't get me wrong, today went far better than the past week, but our Technical Director came in today, dropped his key on the desk and quit on the spot, leaving the production team high and dry with no way to access his files! Oi, I had to dig way back into my memory of very old computer classes and figure out how to open up the sub directories on his hard drive under another computer! ::sighs and rubs temples:: But, on the up and up, the paper still headed out the door only fifteen minutes late to the printer. The down side was I came in with my coworker at 6 a.m., no lunch, and worked until a quarter to three. I was really glad to get home, I thought I'd faint! Ate my lunch then and sat. I'm getting very good at staring out into space since starting this job! ::LAUGHS::

Gensomaden Saiyuki news, LNchan told me that ADV Films picked the series up instead of Pioneer. In least I know that ADV will provide some great English voice seiyuu. I can't wait to hear how Gojyo and Hakkai sound in English. I hope they get the guy who voiced Marron for Sanzo, it would be perfect! As for Goku, I'm not sure, he's squeaky even in Japanese. Oooh, but I know that if Crispin Freeman worked with ADV, he would make the perfect voice for Homurasama, my third favorite Saiyuki character! Yum, Minekurasama knew what she was doing when she designed him! Then again, I've always been weak for mix colored eyes!

Tonight's Quiz Time is compliments of LNchan and her Blournal! ::laughs:: After a subtle hint... ::wink wink nudge nudge:: I figured that I should also take the quiz to see my results!

What Kind of Writer Am I?

What's YOUR Writing Style?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are a descriptive writer. An avid reader of Robert Frost, perhaps, you LOVE to use flowery words and use the paper and pen as your canvas and paintbrush. You prefer to paint a mental image rather than simply toy around with people's minds. A very inspired person, you love to be in nature and usually are a very outdoorsy type of person. A writer with a natural green thumb, perhaps?

Hey, I actually do love Robert Frost! I never thought I'd be the Descriptive writer, I thought I'd come up with the Morbid Writer result! ::chuckles:: Of course, I automatically love this button, it's got Rocielsama on it, but I kinda would have liked to have been a Classical writer like LNchan, her button has Chiichan on it!

LotR news for today, I mentioned yesterday that I found that lovely Harry Potter/LotR magazine. Got me to thinking, there should be more articles featuring the new cast! I was really bummed that even on-line I couldn't find much in the line of interviews with neither Karl Urban or Dave Wenham. Of course, I am searching more heavily for the Dave Wenham interviews, my Faramir addiction becoming more and more pronounced the closer we get to the premiere! ::laughs:: Plus, of course, I can't wait to see the Frodo fainting in the water scene... Of even better yet, Frodo fainting into Faramir. Oi, in the words of the Great Cassandra Claire and her "Very Secret Diaries...," my "Pervy Hobbit Fancying" is starting to show! I just hope that I don't swoon when Frodo faints... Or just swoon in general whenever Faramir is on-screen...

That's all for today, minnsan, I'm finally getting used to my own place. Now if I can just keep my fingers crossed that I'll have enough money to pay the bills. Domo arigato for the 1500+ hits to my Blog, I'm surprised that many people read this thing! Ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Celeborn's Bumper Sticker Would Read: "I Brake for Omniscent Blondes..."

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