Monday, December 16, 2002

"Rain" by Madonna from "Something to Remember"

I just got back from having dinner and going and seeing all the beautiful lights with my 'rents. It was fun being home this weekend, but VERY busy! We made homemade candy on Saturday, and I helped my Pop get his presents picked out for Mum! Also, my kids sang beautifully in church today, I taught them an old carol in French. They can really sing their hearts out when they're set to doing it! But, I'm very tired from the whole trip, and this week begins HELLLLLLLL week at work. My work closes down for the Christmas week, so we've got to put out two papers in a week's time. ::groans:: As if my boss isn't high strung enough!!

Saiyuki news for today, still staring longingly at "Hope and Guilt," the new Saiyuki movie on Ebay. ::sniffles:: The ONLY part of my Saiyuki collection I'm missing! Heh, I hope that there might have something on it that has to do with why Hakkai and Gojyo look so "comfortable" together on the cover and why Hakkai's hand is resting on Gojyo's knee. ::grinz:: Hai, I know, I'm hopeless when it comes to 58, I see it anywhere now and I just start grinning! Of course, I also had a plot bunny bite me, so we'll see what comes of it!

Manga recommendation for this week, I suggest everyone go and find a manga called "Paradise Kiss" or "Parakiss" if you have the Japanese version. It's recently been put out by TokyoPop and it's the "shoujo" manga that basically makes fun of shoujo manga. ABSOLUTE RIOT!! I haven't laughed that hard at a manga or even a comic in ages. If you love fashion, Gothic Lolita, Punk Rock, or all of the above, then you will go and check this manga out!!

Quizzy time for today comes compliments of the super hilarious ladies of The Spoof of the Rings. Naturally, I have to take this moment to suck up to them pointlessly and bow my gracious head to the two ladies who dubbed the wonderful words "Whorlie" and "Mr. Sex..." Domo arigato, and now I will give them pointless but much deserved praise by posting one of their hilarious quizzes...

I'm Rivendell!

I would stay in Rivendell where I would hide away from the rest of the world and often attack visitors and relatives with mighty floods in the shape of horses, or at least computer graphics. But everyone would like me anyway (naturally) because I have good taste in decorating.

Click here to find out where you would live

::chuckles:: I took this a LONG time ago and never got to posting it. You must go and visit their sites for other fun and mocking moments! Go on, you know ya' wanna!

Speaking of LotR, the news for today is that being home and watching TV, I'm finally getting to see a little bit of previews. Boy, they haven't really doused the TV like they did when they premiered FotR, did they? Oi, I guess I keep waiting for a massive media blitz. Anyhoo, I was in Spencer's with my mum at the mall today, and I found a huge contariner of TTT posters. Naturally, I had to go and check them all out. What I was really disappointed about was NO FARAMIR!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely drool over the Frodo one and the Aragorn one is sexy, if there were less females in the pic, but no Faramir? Sheesh, he's a really intricate part of the story and everyone needs to appreciate Dave Wenham for all the sexiness that he is!

Well, that's all for tonight. ::chuckles:: I'll be glad when Christmas is here, I'm really looking forward to it. Believe it or not, but it was sixty here in South Dakota today, so it's not a very white Christmas, but the spirit is here. Domo arigato for all the hits, sign my Guestbook, onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Two days until the TTT premiere and you've steam ironed your Arwen gown twenty-six times just to make sure it flows just right...

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