Friday, January 03, 2003

"Endless Love" by X-Japan from the "X" Movie

Wow, I can't believe I actually noted that I watched the "X" movie. ::laughs:: Being that fact that I generally shy away from CLAMP like the plague, but I do really love X-Japan, so as a necessity, I had to watch the movie the whole way through so I could hear the ending song. ::chuckles:: Also, I loved the ending. I love when bad things happen to the good guy and he has to live with it. I am the first lady of bittersweet or dark endings. Makes fan fiction a little more interesting in my opinion. I still can't talk worth a damn and my throat is starting to get worse. I'm glad I'll be heading back home again for a couple days. I hope I can just make it through today, I want to actually crawl under my desk and go to sleep. I'm glad I didn't make the mistake of taking any cold medicine yet, ne?

Saiyuki musings for today, I finally got fed up with trying to find 58 fan fiction and fan art sites, so yesterday I set one up of my own. Go ahead and visit Just RELOAD for my new site! It's very "No Frills," but I love the green leaf background and such. Especially since Hakkai becomes a "Youkai of Plants/Earth" so to speak. ::smiles:: Anyhoo, minnasan, if you have fiction you'd like to submit or fan art, visit my site, read the submission rules and then send me your stuff! I'd love to get a ton of Saiyuki stuff during the following weeks as I build! You'll also find the link to the new 58 site on my side bar under Favorite Blogs/Links!

Quizzy Time for today once again continues with the J-Rock concept started with me hearing X-Japan again. I am NOT that big of a J-Rock fan, but thanks to a few of my hard core otakuchan, I'm sorta starting to warm to them. Still not something I'd probably make a permanent part of my collection, but in least I'm starting to get familiar with it!

What J-Rock Sensation Am I?

Which J-rock Sensation Are You?

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Okay, now I admit that I think Gackt is gorgeous. ::laughs:: Hands down, he was sexy in Malice Mizer, but I tend to honestly prefer his solo work, I think he seems a touch more attainable. But I'm definately still old school when it comes to J-Rock, preferring X-Japan over Malice Mizer or Dir en Grey. But Gackt, I'd probably own a Gackt album if the need struck me.

LotR news for today, I still have plans to go see TTT with Ker and K again if I can just get my cold to hold off. Oh! My Oniisan and Sissy got the LotR: FotR boxed set with the book ends the other day! By Elbereth, those things are so kewl to look at! I wanted to snatch the whole box, especially when Oniisan opened up the little "Hobbit sized" fan magazine and found three collectors cards! For anyone who still doesn't know, I collect those cards any time I get! Of course, they HAD to have included an Aragorn card! ::laughs:: I would have snatched it, but it's probably safer with Oniisan and Sissy. I might have licked the card!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Domo arigato for your continuing support of my Blog, I hope that you will support my new 58 website as much! Domo for 2600+ (STILL SHOCKED!) hits, sign my guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Due to popular belief, Elven Lembas do not fill you up... Just ask Pippin and Merry...

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