Saturday, January 04, 2003

"Hoy" by Morbo from MTV: Espanol

::chuckles:: That's the only way I can hear that song, can't find it anywhere where I live! Well, minnasan, it's been a quiet Saturday morning, my mum had to go to the sensei today since her stomach was troubling her, so Pop went with her. I've got my right knee all bound up again, can hardly move the sucker! Oi, I'll be totally glad when I can go and see the Orthopedic doctor and get another Cortisone shot, this continual throbbing is SO annoying!

Saiyuki news, I placed an order for the new Saiyuki movie "Kibou No Zaika" today (Hope and Guilt) and will find out hopefully in a couple days whether or not the company still has it in stock! I also found out much to my glee that they carry the OVA's of "Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee..." Whew! Say that ten times fast! So, when I know whether or not I've got KnZ and I like the product and services, I might just have to order it, ne?

Well, I don't have any new LotR news or a random thought for today until I see TTT again, so I figured I'd just throw a bunch of quiz times on all you minnasan to make up for the lack to type! I took these from all over the places, and I even took quizzes in reference to anime I'd normally not take! Have fun!

What Angel Sanctuary Character Am I?

What Angel Sanctuary Character are you?

YOSHA! I get to gorgeous and later turn into the Prince of Darkness... Iie, and I don't mean Ozzy Osbourne!

What Yaoi Pairing Would I Be?

i'm tseng x rufus!

i'm beautiful. i'm rich. i own the world. and not only that, but fangirls weep at the pure amount of pretty ust potential that is me.

of course, i'm also prone to being stabbed and blown up, but hey, it can't all be whipped cream and corporate takeovers.

take the which bishink pairing are you? test,

by tenshi and llamajoy.

::laughs:: Oh geez, and I'm not even that big of a Rufus fan, but I do like Tseng as a seme!

Which "Hellsing" Character Am I?

Which Hellsing character are you?

You're Helena, the beautiful little vampire girl. You are wise far beyond your years, and your vast knowledge has made you a profound thinker. It comes at a price, however: you have become weary of the rude world and are frustrated at your own lack of abilities. You spend your time locked inside reading endlessly. You can't be bothered to fight for a cause or stir from where you have become comfortable in any way.

Man, I keep ending up angsty! Am I really THAT angsty? Wait, don't answer that...

Do I Draw Shonen or Shoujo?


Wee! I took the href="" target="_blank">Shounen
or Shoujo test
, created by

Well, that makes sense. Since Minekurasama's my favorite mangaka artist and I was very much influenced by her, I could see this result!

And since I watched "X: The Movie," What Dragon of Earth Would I Be?

Monou Fuuma

Formerly kind and a good friend, you've become a rather twisted person, with a love for blood and tears. But that's okay, because you're far more interesting, and your sadistic personality leads to loads of yaoi fun. You've also got a soft side, and occasionally decide to show it. Being able to sense people's wishes comes in handy too. You're generally pretty easy going, despite being a very obvious teenage sadist.

Take the "Which Dragon Of Earth Are You!" test!

by Maduin & Kira

WOO, I'M NUTS!! Actually, Fuumasama is about the only character I gave a damn about in that movie. Too bad about the head incident... ::sighs::

Well, that's all for today minnasan. Hope you enjoyed getting assaulted by all these quizzes! Keep checking "Just RELOAD" for upcoming updates, Domo arigato for over 2700+ (!) hits, sign my guestbook onegai, there will be a Random LotR Thought for the Day tomorrow and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

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