Tuesday, January 14, 2003

"Mr. Vain" by Culture Beat from "Movin' to the Grooves"

Apparently I live above people who smoke illegal substances... I found this out the hard way last night when I was getting ready to get on the computer and smelt a sickly sweet scent of smoke starting to form in my house. ::GRUMBLES:: I thought perhaps my pilot light might have went out, but all those were lit, and I had to open ALL the windows in ten degree weather to let the smoke out. Just when I thought it was okay, 1 a.m., I'm having to open all the windows yet again to let out even more of the rank stuff!!!! Thus, I virtually got NO sleep, which I badly needed and put me in a very tense mood today. I'm rather glad that the rest of the production boys stayed out of my way today, I was ready to tear someone a new hole in a place they never knew they could have one... ::sighs:: Oi, I hate sounding this grouchy...

But on the up and up, I'm going to do something a bit different with my Blog today and I'm not going to have a Quiz Time, LotR news or LotR Thought of the Day, instead of going to do a character review from my new manga "Chicago," which I encourage everyone to look at! Characters that are SPOILERS to the storyline will be marked as such.


REI Our main heroine of the story. She has long sepia colored hair, expressive soft brown eyes, and wears clothing as sexy and tough as she is! Extremely tough, hard talking, hard living and nasty with throwing knives, guns, and definately a bazooka! She's got the attitude that most girls would love to have. She takes NO crap from anyone, guys or girls. She was a member of a Tokyo Rescue Squad, but lost everyone in her team with the exception of her partner Uozumi during an explosion. She saved Uozumi, who stepped on a land mine by blasting off the remains of a fallen buidling and taking off with him. For a while Rei worked as a delivery girl and part-time calander girl model, but was drafted by a privated funded Rescue Society run by a man named JJ along with Uozumi, whom she helped bust out of prison. She works with two other members, the light hearted and sweet Zion, an incredible cook, and the dark and brooding Shin, who's as deadly as she is. Rei has a one-sided love for her partner Uozumi, but he doesn't return her feelings. POOR REI! But it look as though one other team member might...

UOZUMI Woo, my baby! An ex-military special forces guy who joined the Rescue Squad along with Rei when he realized he liked saving people better than killing them! A big man with wildly flowing shoulder length blonde hair and soft blue eyes, he's got an addiction to smoking to no end and even more a addiction to large guns and firepower. During a rescue mission, Uozumi stepped on a land mine and was crushed by a building. Rei blaseted him out, but he lost his leg in the process and now has a prosthetic. He was placed in jail under a false pretense that he had illegally destoryed the property during that rescue mission. Uozumi busted out with the help of Rei and they both joined the Rescue Society along with Zion and Shin. Uozumi is very open about his dislike of Shin, thinking that the man is always up to no good, but gets along quite well with Zion. He suspects that Rei may have feelings for him, but he's completely dedicated and madly in love with his lover and soul mate, Mika, whom he swears that he would rather die to be with than ever be apart from!

SHIN A tall man with a slender build, short black hair and cold blue eyes, he says very little and smiles even less. But his skills as a killer are matched only by Rei and Uozumi's. He's a very precise man and doesn't like seeing anyone goofing off. He finds Uozumi to be extremely annoying, and does everything in his power to make the blonde man feel as though he's too old to be working for the Rescue Society. He's very kind to Rei though, despite his terribly somber demeanor and seems to harbor feelings for the young lady. GO REI! But he doesn't open up to people and Uozumi is suspicious he may be counter intelligence. His specialties are guns and knives, though he does do well with hand to hand combat. He also has a great disdain for salary, though he states that "hate" might be a bit too strong of a word!

ZION A humorous and extremely light hearted fellow with a bright smile and a great heart of gold! He's an older man, also ex-military, who works as surveliance and handles the vehicles, helicopters and other equipment that the Rescue Society may need in the process. He was also hired by JJ for his incredible cooking skills, making the best pot stickers that the resturant/bar "Chicago" has ever had. (Now you know where the name of the manga originated) He doesn't seem to be involved in combat itself, but tends to "magically" come up with government files, satellite pictures, etc. Everyone in the team likes Zion not only for his great personality, but excellent food...

JJ An older gentleman who originated the Rescue Society and went about making sure that Rei, Uozumi, Zion and Shin all joined. He offers Rei and Uozumi an answer to the question about what exactly happened that day when they lost their whole Rescue team. He's a quiet man with kind eyes, but something else seems a bit more private to him. He provides all the funding for the missions and also "owns" the bar "Chicago" where all the meetings occur.

DR. THUNDER SANDERS An riotous bald headed doctor who looks like more a mad scientist that an actual doctor! He scares Uozumi to no end! Dr. Sanders believes himself to be a genius because his skills as a plastic surgeon makes him famous among the underground criminals. He has the ability to make anyone look like anyone else. He also does not do cuts, bruises, or anything small but tells Uozumi that when they go on missions, feel free to break something, he'll be glad to set it!


BILLY A young journalist in training who is mistaken for his friend, the son of an extremely wealthy family in Tokyo. He is kindapped by a private organization and the Rescue Society is sent by JJ to rescue him. Somewhat a cry baby, he decides to toughen up when he meets Rei for the first time and instead of leaving with the squad, he ends up allowing himself to be taken again in hopes of getting secret pictures of the kidnappers. Billy is a kind young man with high inhibitions and often foolish notions about the world around him. He also develops a crush on Rei, thinking that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread...

MIKA Uozumi's lover and soul mate, Mika is a firey-tempered, quick tongued young man with almost as widly flowing chin length hair and wide expressive eyes! Hai, that's correct Uozumi and Mika are a yaoi coupling, which is why Rei's love for Uozumi is so one-sided! Mika is often annoyed by Uozumi's exploits, getting upset about him being gone for too long, never calling, etc., but in reality Mika is as deeply in love with Uozumi as the blonde haired man is with him. They are both incredibly cute together and it's obvious how much in love they are! SORRY REI!

THE MAN IN THE MASK The coordinator of the kidnapping of Billy, there is little known about him thus far other than he's a very big man with long hair that appears out of the back of his ski mask. He seems to have quite the intellect and is obvious the head of the kidnapping organization. Hopefully more about him will be revealed soon!

Well, minnasan, that's all for today. I hope that you enjoyed the little character review! Domo arigato for 3080+ hits, sign my guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

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