Thursday, January 16, 2003

"Weathered" by Creed from the office radio again...

Well, I finally managed to cool down today. I got into the office this morning and was already at my wit's end by 9 a.m. ::sighs:: In least I got about seven-eight hours of uninterrupted smoke free sleep last night. But still, there are some things that even I don't know how to do. I ended finally just snapping at one of my coworkers today. I later apologized, I feel awful when I lose my temperament a little like that. I'm really glad that he's a really kind person, so he didn't take offense. I'm definately going out to eat tonight and then visit the book store. Maybe I just need a little "Me" time, ne? Oh, LNchan, domo arigato for the kind words. Gomen nasai that we missed last night, hopefully I'll be on tonight, I do need a little 58 cheering. ::smiles::

Anime and manga news, I should be receiving "Kibou No Zaika" tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite excited, I'll be able to take it to my 'rents home if it arrives and listen to it on a decent sound system. ::smiles:: I'm also gonna' check to see if any new editions of "Mars," "Paradise Kiss," or "Chicago" has arrived at the book store today. I really like the store, they let you sit and read without buying. So maybe I'll know what happens to Rei and Kira from "Mars" tonight! That would be a nice thing to make me smile.

I did an acrylic painting of Harry Potter last night, it turned out really beautiful! I can't wait to show it to my mum and pop! I have it sitting up in my office right now, but I think I might give it my mum to hang in her office. She's got an open space for another piece of art work and I'm always glad to donate!

Speaking of Harry Potter and since I'm still on such a kick... (Not that I ever get off the Harry Potter obsession), I decided to take another quize. This comes compliments of, another very good quiz place if you can get past all the ebil pop-up ads!

What Quidditch Position Would I Play?


>Which Quidditch position should you play?
Quiz by

You're a very important member of your team. You're the one who needs to stay calm in a tough situation to guard the goal posts. Your team really depends on you to keep them together.

This doesn't not surprise me! I am an utter FANATIC for Quidditch, Oliver Wood being my second favorite character only to Harry himself! I would have thought I'd been a Beater though, since I tend to play aggressively, but I probably became a Keeper from having the scars I got from saving tennis balls and kicking soccer balls. ::chuckles::

LotR news for today, I see the book store is selling the books by Tolkien in these new fancy four book sets with the Hobbit included! If I had the funds, I would definately like a set. I think it's because all the actors are pictured on their respective books, and The Return of the Kings has Aragorn on it, so immediately I wanted that one. Of course, I wanted Fellowship of the Ring for the obvious Frodo picture! He looks so lost holding the Ring! ::chuckles:: Then again, he always looks really lost, especially when the Ring starts taking him over. Didn't Elijah Wood do such an incredible job during TTT when the Ring started to invade his thoughts and spirit?... He was so convincing and definately a little scary! I applaud him, he's such a great actor!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan. I'm hoping with this being my low day for the week that things will start going up hill again. I mean, they have too sooner or later, right?... Domo arigato for 3100+ hits, sign my guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: At the Battle of Helm's Deep, Aragorn's hair always looked dirty, yet Legolas's always looked like it was dry... Elven magic?...

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