Sunday, January 19, 2003

"You'll See" by Madonna from "Something to Remember"

Well, minnasan, I just got back from spending the weekend at my 'rents place. It was a much needed reprieve from everything that has been going on around here. Oniisan and Sissy stopped by to visit later in the afternoon, only problem was, I took a sinus medicine and wasn't very good company for them afraid. I kept falling asleep! ::laughs a bit:: I am sure that they both forgave me though. My thrill came Friday night when I was driving home. A sudden ground flurry struck, blinded me, and the wind was so strong it lifted Bleu off the ground and next thing I know, I'm in the ditch. Fortunately, I called my pop, let him know and told him to give me a few moments, I figured I could get Bleu out. So I popped the car into first, revved the studded tires, spun out, and threw myself back on the road! I'm really glad though that no other car was coming from the opposite direction, 'cuz the amount of power that I used to come out of the ditch landed me in the other lane of the road! Boy, I was glad to be home. I will NEVER complain about making Bleu's car payments again, that little boy earned his keep Friday night!

Anime and manga news, I did receive my Saiyuki movie on Friday and watched it Saturday evening! Quite good, has a very tragic ending, though fortunately it doesn't feature any of our boyz in that aspect. But, if you have Japanese PS2, you can play it like a choose your own adventure. I didn't have that option, so I just watched it as the movie form. The subtitling was suprisingly good, normally they hack the names and all to pieces, but someone was really paying attention! Though I found it incredibly amusing that when Gojyo is fighting Jien/Doukougaiji in battle, Gojyo tells Jien that "I hate boys..." I figure this must come from the fact that the animators have been trying to make Gojyo look far more heterosexual than he is. So I got a good laugh out of that, since anyone who's seen the anime or read the manga know there is far more to Gojyo and Hakkai's relationship than meets the eye. Overall, I'd give the Saiyuki movie "Kibou no Zaika" an 8. Subtitling was splendid, the music was rather bland, the story was good, perhaps a bit predictable and the animation wasn't actually as up to par as it was in "Requiem." Still, I highly recommend it!

Quiz Time for today comes compliments yet again of My Oniisan brought FFX over and so for S & G's, I decided to take an FFX quiz!

What Final Fantasy X Character Am I?

Which Final Fantasy X Character Are You?

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YAY, LULU! She's got to be the kewlest female character that Squaresoft has thought up with in a long time. I was really bummed that she wasn't put into FFX-2, but I guess that new gal Paine is kinda supposed to be LuLu's equivalent. Still, wouldn't it have been totally kewl to see LuLu swinging a sword and use her dolls to attack?

LotR news for today, I went and picked up a pack of Two Towers collector's cards at Pamida just for fun. Usually I dig through the box until I find a package that looks promising, but I was in a hurry, so I just grabbed the top. By Elbereth, talk about sheer luck! I opened it up and found the #1 card in the series, a Frodo portrait! I don't own a Frodo card yet! Right behind it then was a Faramir portrait card and I thought I'd be waiting FOREVER to get one of those and it was in the same pack! To top it off, there was another card featuring Frodo and Sam with Faramir featured on the back! ::laughs happily:: I told my mum there was no reason for me to get any other cards, I had everything I needed right there!

Well, that's all for today minnasan. I head back to work in the a.m., I can only hope the week will go better. Got to look on the positive, ne? Domo arigato for all the hits, sign my guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Frodo's new Motto: "Never accept shiny gifts from old men..."

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