Saturday, February 01, 2003

"In the Air of Night" by Phil Collins from the car radio...

Well, minnasan, as you can see, I haven't done a post in a very long time. The reason being is that I severely sprained my ankle and I tore a ligament in my ankle region and was not able to walk on it, go to work, or even sit up for long periods of time! Oi! Talk about much unpleasantness! I still can't walk on my ankle completely for another week and a half in least and I've got this air cast that makes my leg sweat something fierce! But on the up and up, I will be able to start walking lightly on it with my crutches, so in least I'll be back to doing that soon! I spent a whole week home with my 'rents since I couldn't get up the nine steps at my apartment. I'm grateful I had the time off from work even if it is going to be murder on my next paycheck. Better to have to scrounge for money then not walk, ne?

Anime and manga news, I went into Borders today with the help of my 'rents looking for the next installment of "Chicago." Unfortunately, there wasn't one, but to my pleasure the new books for "Mars" and "Paradise Kiss" are both out! So looks like when I finally head back to Rapid tomorrow I'll finally have something to read again, ne? I can't wait for "Mars" myself! Rei and Kira as so perfect together, now if nothing more goes wrong... But you know these shoujo mangas, nothing will go right until the end, ne? ::smiles::

Video game musings, I was in Wal-Mart and begged my 'rents for four quarters so that I could get a Kingdom Hearts keychain out of one of those turn dial coin machines? I am now the owner of a yellow see through Riku holding his dark Keyblade! ::chuckles:: These little keychains are suprisingly detailed, I'm gunning for a Sora or a Donald next time. There are six you can get in the collection, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and a Heartless. They're quite sturdy and Riku is now hanging from the zipper of my fave red hoodie! Yosha!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, that is actually the quiz time for today, I was really in one of those quirky moods! ::chuckles:: Come compliments of again!

What Adult Final Fantasy Character from Kingdom Hearts Am I?

You're CLOUD! You make deals with bad guys and you're looking for
You're CLOUD! You make deals with bad guys and
you're looking for "someone." Plus
you have a random wing. So mysterious~! You
look cool, but Vincent is going to want his
cape and claw back someday.

Which Adult Final Fantasy Charater From Kingdom Hearts Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This is actually not a suprise since my buddy Moon-chan always draws me in Cloud's outfits. Has something to do with my spiky like hair and apparently being dark, brooding and deadly... ::chuckles:: Or it could be that I'm just short...

LotR news for today, that same machine that held those lovely Kingdom Hearts keychains also held what could be my economic downfall. They had LotR character busts you could buy for a dollar spin from FotR! The main three color ones were Aragorn, Frodo and Gandalf, the rest being done in "rusted" black. My mum started laughing, suprised I bought the KH instead, but I knew if I started pumping quarters into the machine at that point in time, I wouldn't stop until I had the color Aragorn and the color Frodo! Oi, but now that I've been lured by the One Machine, I'm sure I'll have no choice but to return to it's evil clutches!!... My, that's dramatic of me, ne?

Well, that's about all for today minnasan. Oh! I may have a suprise cosplay for NDK '03 that may take the place of my Sensei Koh costume from "Wild Adapter." I showed it to my mum yesterday and she liked it much better, makes my abs look gooooood... ::grinz:: Domo arigato for 3700+ (KAMISAMA!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now!

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Haldir's New Motto: Never Turn Your Back On an Orc... It Hurts... Badly...

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