Sunday, February 02, 2003

"Something to Believe In" by Poison from "Hard Love" compilation album

Happy Groundhog's Day! Well, minnasan, I'm back to my apartment again, it's dumping cold, slushy, nasty snow outside. My 'rents brought me home, which I am ETERNALLY grateful for, since driving down here would have taken me about two and half hours otherwise with my bad ankle and even worse roads! But, I know that they got home okay, so I'm relieved. Believe it or not, but it was actually 60 degrees yesterday! Hai, it's true what they say about South Dakota's weather, wait five minutes, it'll change! ::chuckles::

Anime and manga news, I unfortunately wasn't able to get to the book store, nor will I be able too for the next few days to see how the events in Rei and Kira's life in the manga "Mars" are coming! ::laughs:: I swear, I've never found a het couple that I've adored together as much as Rei and Kira! They are so perfect! But I did get to read the manga version of "DiGi Charat," one of my ALL-TIME favorite anime short cartoons. Hai, it's twisted, it's silly, but it's SOOOO funny! The manga was done by different artists, so it was really kewl to see how each person saw each character! I love the three leading ladies, but I'd have to say that Rabi En Rose has GOT to be my favorite. She's so kewt with her bunny ears and dice!

Cosplay musings, I'm gonna go with my suprise costume now instead of Sensei Koh from "Wild Adapter" for sure. I'll probably still do Sensei's costume just to have, but it won't be seen at NDK '03 this year. I discoved "Anji Mito" from the game "Guilty Gears X" and immediately fell in love with the costume design! Only problem was, this male character was shirtless! So, mum and I figured out a way to still keep the male appearance and cover up my small bust. I'm either doing a flesh colored sports bra, or I'm gonna' do the "broken rib cage" white binding ala "Sanosuke" from "Kenshin" to get the effect. Best of all, he fights with fans and looks oddly like Cho Hakkai, so I should fit the role nicely, ne? Oh, and I got all my hair lopped off yesterday, ultra short pixie, so by the time the con rolls around, it should just be the right length for Anji! ::sniffles:: The only bummer is I have to dye my hair back to it's brown color for it. Oi, the things I do for cosplay...

QUIZ TIME! I was making out my Valentines for V-Day and my mum and pop bought me both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Valentine's! ::chuckles:: Which of course means that all my friends in RL and OL are getting one of these two V-Day choices! But naturally, I had to take a Harry Potter quiz again!

What Harry Potter Main Character Am I?

Hermione Granger
You're Hermione Granger! You may be muggle-born,
but that doesn't stand in your way! You just
may be one of the smartest witches at Hogwarts!
Go Hermione!

What Harry Potter main character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yay, I love Hermione! She's totally smart and absolutley cute! I actually think her and Ron make such a cute little couple. Whom do I think Harry looks best with?... Outside of me and/or Kichan, I'd have to say Oliver! ::grinz:: Oi, I'm such a hentai...

LotR news for today, prepare yourself... ::takes deep breath:: DEAR ELBERETH, MY ONIISAN AND SISSY GOT ME A FARAMIR TOY!!! ::exhales:: Whew!! No, seriously, we stopped by before we left to come to Rapid City and my Oniisan and Sissy had bought me a Faramir action figure! He is now standing quite proudly to the left of my Squall action figure, who seperates him from my Aragorn action figure! I've never been so happy! I didn't know where they found one, I looked everywhere for him! So, now all I need is a Frodo figure, preferably a Nine Finger one and my collection will be complete! ::hugs her Faramir toy::

Well, that's all for today minnasan! Oi, the wind is really blowing hard and I think I need to kick up the heat! Domo arigato for all the hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Faramir's New Motto: Daddy Knows Best... The Bastard...

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