Friday, February 07, 2003

"Like It or Not" by Darren Hayes from "Spin"

"...and now I'm standing at a teller waiting to get to another plane... and if I told you I just can't sell my flight to America, would you call me insane?... everything I have has been neatly contained into the contents of a Samsonite bag... me and a lap top, two suitcases and I'm coming to see you... whether you like it or not..."

I have this bunny outside that I feed. He's pretty, and soft and very sweet. He also has a broken ear and his cheek is terribly infected. I don't have the money to get him the medicine he needs, and I don't know if he'll be able to live through the winter as cold as it has been. He's not my bunny, but I like to take care of him. I'm the only one in the apartment that can sit down with him and hold him and pet him. He trusts me. I fed him today, he ran up to me and nuzzled my hand and playfully tossed snow at me. It made me smile before I went inside and watched him from the window. I realized something then. My bunny and I had a lot in common... We were both really broken up but some how we both keep surviving...

I've had so much happen these past few months and I feel quite broken up. I've made a point of not complaining to anyone, I don't like too. But when I sat on the ground today with my bunny's head in my hand, it made me understand how much I really wanted someone to take care of me. I've been hurt badly lately and my smile has become something I cling to just to get through the day. I am grateful for my friends who've been so kind, my Oniisan and Sissy who have encouraged and my parents, who've let me cry when things have gotten too much...

I thought about my bunny today at work. I can't remember the last time I was held by anyone. So, if anyone's got the time, would you care to take care of a "broken bunny" for a day?... I could really use the healing... ::smiles::

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