Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"Paradise Lost" by Megami Ozaki from the "Darkside Blues" anime

Gomen nasai for not posting for quite some time, minnasan. I've had some pretty massive changes in the last week. As many of you know, I handed in my two week resume on Tuesday of last week. On that Friday, my now ex-boss sent in his poor secretary and announced that myself and about eight to ten other people had been terminated as of that day. TALK ABOUT HAVING NOT GUTS!!!!! So I went home completely jobless when I was relying on those last two weeks of work to pay the rent. I went into the rental place on Monday of this week, turned in all my paperwork even though I most likely won't get the deposit back. Mum and Pop helped me pack up my stuff and move back to their house for a bit and today I gave the rental place back their key. It's strange being home, I turned off all my utlities and my phone and now I'm just back to settling in my 'rents home until I can get a new job. But you know what? I am the happiest I have been in a VERY long time. That's sincerely true, I am grateful that I have such a loving family and I know that with all my experience I earned, I will not have trouble finding a job. Makes things a lot easier knowing that, ne?

Other than that massive change, I've had the pleasure during my weekend visits to watch the "Betterman" anime on Tech T.V. I mentioned this anime the very first couple days I when I started this journal. Upon seeing it, I have somewhat mixed feelings, and I'm waiting to see which direction it goes. At first, I, like the critics thought it was a bit of an "Evangelion" ripoff. Instead, Betterman turned out to be quite a scary anime, with definate horror elements. It's also done in letterbox format, which seems to make everything even more closed in and there's ALOT of screaming and at times, I wanted to scream with the characters. The main two characters, the geeky Keita and the rather quiet and somewhat withdrawn Hinoki aren't particularly interesting, but the "seer" gal Sakura is a cool character with her long pink hair. The two older pilots, Yanagi and Kaede are more interesting than the main characters, and Yanagi has fallen into my "Well, I'm surprised, I actually really like a pretty, pretty boy" category. Betterman is the most intriguing of the designs and I hope that the anime will start to show more of him. He has the ability to change into three forms, my personal favorite being "Forte," which looks like a bastardized Eva when they go all wonky on their pilots. Overall, the series that I've seen thus far is worth a definate check out, but I wouldn't honestly recommend it if you're expecting something on the cheerful end. Though there is quite a bit of comedy to break up the rather dark and somewhat heavy atmosphere, it's much more for the Gothic/Dark tastes, so naturally, I dug it!

Quiz time for today came from a website I stumbled across. I'm still in my Harry Potter mood. I rented the "Prisoner of Azkaban" on Monday from the library and read the whole book in one night! ::chuckles:: Extremely good!! I recommend it as probably the best HP book yet, but I haven't read "Goblet of Fire" yet, but this was dark enough to keep me happy! So, believe it or not, but I took a Harry Potter slash pairing quiz.

Who would my Harry Potter Slash Pairing Be?

What's your Harry Potter slash pairing?
By the superbly cool mortari of Serpensortia

YAY, SIRIUS X REMUS!! Actually, I think these two are perfect together for obvious reasons. My other slash favorite and you can all call me a hentai is SiriusXHarry, but that's because it's a touch of an uncommon pairing!

LotR news for today, meh Sissy and Oniisan thought it was quite humorous when I discovered that Faramir had "slashing sword action." I told them that I used Faramir to attack my Seymour figurine. ::laughs:: One thing that my Oniisan did point out to me is that they made the Faramir action figure quite dark haired and not Faramir's strawberry blonde from the movie version. Maybe they were trying to do a "book version" of him, ne? I doubt that, I just don't think the toy makers knew how to mold that shade of hair out of plastic. I am looking forward to seeing when they release the DVD, since I don't work at the video store any more, I never know the LotR video/DVD news! I feel so lost!

Well, that's all for today minnasan. I'm gonna' eat a bit of dinner with my 'rents and we're going to try and find some of my stuff I normally use, including my spring form pan out of my stuff packed away. Domo arigato for ALL the hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud to be a 58 Supporter!!!)

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Gollum's Theme Song: "I Think We're Alone Now..."

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