Friday, February 21, 2003

"Toxicity" by System of a Down from the radio in the next office...

Great, I'll have that song pounding through my head for the rest of the day... Well, minnasan, on Tuesday I gave my two-weeks notice and though I know that my boss wasn't happy with me, he had to just bite the bullet and deal with it. I know that right now I don't have a new job yet, but I'm not too worried. I've always been able to find some kind of employment quickly in the past. I can tell you one thing though, my asthma attacks have started to really lax off now that I know I'm not going to be working at the paper any more. Oi, if that doesn't say something, ne? It's pretty sad that my job causes most of my attacks. I've only got about ten days left at this place and I am free. I can tell you, I've never been SO happy in my life!

LNchan posed an interesting question on her Blournal. She's been watching "Reign the Conquerer" or "Alexandrian the Great" for those in England who've seen it. This particular episode talked about stumbling upon your own grave in the future. She posed the question of how it would look and how one would feel I believe. I think that mine would be very small with a bench to sit on. There would be lots of beautiful roses and wildflowers and always a very nice warm breeze. It would be a place that people could come and sit, watch the flowers grow and contemplate on the wonder and beauty of the world around them and of life. I would want my final resting place to be a place that others too could come and rest.

Okay, now that deep meaning moment is out of my system... ::chuckles:: Cosplay news, I finished my Harry Potter scarf including the tassles on Tuesday evening and have been wearing it ever since! It's so cozy and for some reason, most of my coworkers can't believe I sat and made it. Really, minnasan, crocheting a scarf isn't that hard because you only use one variation of the same stitch and just go in rows. I'll have to check now how long my Grad robe is from my college grad. If it's not quite long enough, I might ask if I can buy K's off her, since she's much taller and the robe would be longer! Hopefully I'll be starting on my Rikku top some time this week as I found the perfect gold material for her top! I can't wait!

Quiz time for today comes compliments of again. Thanks to Kichan, I'm still on a massive Kingdom Hearts fix, so I figured I'd take a KH quiz! This one is more Disney related in reference to the game.

What Character from Kingdom Hearts that is in Your Party are You?

Ha Ha you are my favorite Jack
Jack Skellington

What Character from Kingdom Hearts that is in your party are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

YAY, I LOVE JACK!!! I was so thrilled when I found out that Halloweentown was one of the lands in the game! I wish that there was a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel that could go into the KH2 sequel! I also am an absolute fanatic for Halloweentown Sora and would really like to cosplay as him. I might still if I have time to build the costume!

LotR news for today, my best friend K and I were commented last night at dinner how they got screwed out of the Oscars. Almost everyone that I've talked too has had the same opinion. Mind you, I don't disagree always with some of the choices for the awards, but come on! No best actor nomination? Sheesh, I mean, I know there wasn't really any "main" actor in TTT, but how about a nod to them, yah Oscars? I really hope that Peter Jackson will finally win Best Picture and Best Director with RotK or I will be ticked! On another note, did you know that the Faramir action figure has "slashing sword action?" I can't tell you how long I spent amusing myself with that... ::grinz::

Well, that's all for now, minnasan. The weather is starting to get cold again. NO!!!! I wanna thank meh Sissy for the on-line card, gave me quite a good laugh this morning! Domo arigato for 4190+ hits, (HOLY KAMISAMA!!!) sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Aragorn's Theme Song: "I Just Can't Wait to be King..."

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