Thursday, February 13, 2003

"Throwing It All Away" By Phil Collins from the music playing in my head...

I'd like to state now that there has GOT to be a law against days like this. I get to work only to find out that my other two production members can't make it in. I had three people breathing down my neck immediately, one shouting at me for something I had nothing to do with and the boss man wasn't to be seen for another hour. Really, I do love my job... =-.-=;; Of course, my boss assured me that I can HANDLE everything, after all, it's not that much to do. I have never been this upset before. I am on the verge of actually being angry, and that is a rarity. I'll be glad when I'm done here. I miss my two coworkers, since they always help me with alot of the questions and such that I don't have an answer for. Oi, I hope they come tomorrow or I'm afraid I'll be walking out the door and that's it...

On the up and up, I did finish my Rikku scarf last night. ::smiles:: It's really pretty, it's tri-colored bright yellow, orange and red with long yellow tassles at the bottom. It's also 78 inches long and about five inches wide! I can't believe that I managed to crochet that whole thing in two nights and a lunch break! I think I might make the Rikku headband tonight since I've got the blue material on spare for that, and start designing the white arm bands with the ribbons.

I've got two quiz times for today, one for anime and the other to make up for not having really an LotR news today... The first quiz would be to see what kind of Manga girl I'd be...

What Kind of Manga Girl Am I?

You're like a little star! Everyone wants to cuddle
you! =^-^=

Which Mangagirl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

HAI, SOMEONE HUG ME!! I swear, I need the cuddling right now! I'll just wait until this evening and get cuddled by my on-line friends, ne? ::chuckles a bit::

Now for the LotR quiz... Made sense for me to take this, I felt like killing things...

Which Helm's Deep Soldier Am I?

You are Aragorn. You are big and strong- if even a
little bit full of yourself. However- you are a
good leader, and people actually seem to listen
to you. The opportunity to order people around
is one that you cannot let down.
Battle is a good opportunity for you to show off
your hard-core manliness and skill with a
Get a life.

LOTR - Which Helm's deep Soldier are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And Aragorn to boot! Good, I think that today I could have ran around and lopped off a few Orc heads... Or in least cut out a few spiked tongues... I'm okay...

Anyhoo, gomen nasai if this Blog isn't the most cheerful, but in least I got it out of my system to an extent. Domo arigato for 3980+ (!!!) hits, I should have a small V-Day story up for tomorrow if it works out okay, sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now! =~.^=V

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: During their travels, Gandalf secretly wondered with all the brooding and angsting going on if perhaps the "Fellowship of the Nine" should have been dubbed the "Fellowship of the Whine..."

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