Sunday, March 02, 2003

"I Love the Night Life" by Alicia Bridges from VH1 Classics on the T.V.

::LAUGHS:: Something is really, really funny about seeing Hugo Weaving in drag with little airplane propellors on his chest lipsynching that song in drag!... If you haven't had the chance to see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" yet, I highly recommend you check it out! Seeing his almighty stern faced "Elrond, King of the Elves" wearing pink nails and a blonde wig is worth every moment! Oi, I needed the lift up though today. I caught a touch of the flu, the achy body kind fortunately, and not the "everything comes out of your stomach" kind. Still, it's been annoying today and hai, my sewing machine is still broken. ::sniffles:: I can't wait to get that poor thing fixed! I miss it already!

Cosplay news for today, I cheated on making the little orange circle for the center of Rikku's bikini top today. I actually used a little plastic ring and puff painted it orange. Instead of having the trouble of tying orange yarn to the circle, I just stretched out some orange puff paint to make the perfectly shaped ribbon. This will also make doing the orange lining on the outside of the bikini top much easier because I won't have to sew it, just puff paint it on! Plus, it's one less thing I'll have to worry about coming unclasped, untucked or anything else that could happen with this skimpy of an outfit!

Anime musings, I haven't gotten to see any more of "Betterman" yet, which totally bums me 'cuz I know when I catch it next week I'm gonna' totally be lost. It's definately one of those series that you have to watch from beginning to end. BUT! I may have found a site that sells the long awaited "Blue Seed 2" series, something that I myself have been waiting seriously for. My first real introduction to what I would consider "pure" Japanese anime was "Blue Seed" and "Evangelion" by my Oniisan when I was 16. I have been a huge fan of both series ever since, and I've seen screen shots of Blue Seed 2, but couldn't find it anywhere! Looks like I might have tracked down a site finally that sells the fan subs of the series! Yosha!

Quizzy Time for today comes compliments again of My Oniisan, Sissy and I were musing on "X" and "Tokyo Babylon," admittedly the only two CLAMP series that I vaguely want anything to do with. I was explaining the "ill-fated" relationship of Seishirou and Subaru from "Tokyo Babylon" in relation to what later happens to them in "X." Because of that, I found this quiz on a web page and decided to see my results. Heh, hoo boy...

You're the Real Seishirou in Tokyo Babylon.  This is you without the genki veterinarian mask.  In reality, you're really scary and extrememly possessive of your Subaru-kun.  Following anime b
You're the Real Seishirou in Tokyo Babylon. This
is you without the genki veterinarian mask. In
reality, you're really scary and extrememly
possessive of your Subaru-kun. Following anime
bishounen rules, you are as sexy as you are
evil. You kill Hokuto and you scar Subaru for
life. Go you. You're a possessive bastard and
we love you.

Which Seishirou are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

WOO, FEAR ME!!!! I swear, I keep turning up as the scary "real" versions of these characters. I guess that really does answer the question of me "wearing a mask," ne? Now I don't know whether I feel like Hakkai or Seishirou since they're both kinda' messed up that way... GO ME!!

LotR news for today, I still don't know the release date of TTT and I'm really starting to get impatient! Seems like when they released FotR, it was out immediately. Okay, so it was August, but still! You think there would be something on Lord of the about it. Then again, I haven't visited for quite some time, so maybe there is! Also, does anyone know what kind of added footage they'll be putting in. I was complaining to Oniisan and Sissy that they needed that vital Boromir bidding Faramir farewell sequence. Not just because I'm a huge BoromirXFaramir fan as much as it makes the death of Boromir all the more tragic. I'm having a thing with tragedy and evil today, aren't I?...

Well, that's all for today minnasan. Domo arigato for the 4400+ (HOLY KAMISAMA, IT'S LIKE HAVING A 58 SMUT LEMON NOVEL EFFECT!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

RANDOM LOTR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Gimli's Theme Song: "Short, Short Man..."

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