Sunday, April 20, 2003

"Angel" by Aerosmith from a tune in meh head!...

Ohayo, minnasan, and HAPPY EASTER!! I hope everyone had a good visit from the Easter bunny!... I myself got yummy chocolates from meh Oniisan and Sissy, blue sugar Peeps from my 'rents and egg shaped Tootsie Pops at church today. Overall, I'm on a bit of sugar high! Woo-hoo!!

Well, yesterday my dear friend Jenn tied the knot to her wonderful now hubby Pete. So I figured I'd just do a high point/low point review of the wedding and festivities for everyone to enjoy! Overall, it was a wonderous and beautiful day, and I wish Jenn and Pete Henderson the best for their future and much love to them always! ::HUGE HUGZ TO THEM BOTH!!::

HIGH POINT: Watching the girls get their hair done at the beauty shop.
LOW POINT: Running all over town trying to do errands before the wedding... Oi!

HIGH POINT: Helping Jenn into her gown and getting to do her makeup! She looked SO pretty!
LOW POINT: She almost arrived late for pics 'cuz of it... Whoops...

HIGH POINT: Getting pictures taken!
LOW POINT: Getting pictures taken... My feet were killing me!

HIGH POINT: Gorgeous red strapless forelength gowns! So beautiful!
LOW POINT: They cut all our gowns wrong! Mine was so tight on top that I couldn't bend over without wanting to pass out due to lack of oxygen!

HIGH POINT: Jenn and Pete getting married of course!
LOW POINT: Nothing really here, that was the reason we were there!!! =^.^=

HIGH POINT: Wedding reception dinner, none of us had eaten since like 10 a.m.!
LOW POINT: Food was not very good and if you didn't like rosemary, you were so screwed!

LOW POINT: He sorta sucked and no one would really dance! ::sniffles::

HIGH POINT: Got to hang out with my uber sexy buddy B.J. He's good for the soul!
LOW POINT: B.J.'s Bimbo of the Week showed up to the wedding party already a bit soused...

HIGH POINT: Watching B.J.'s Bimbo get so wasted and make a total fool of herself on the dance floor and slide out of her chair...
LOW POINT: Okay, there is no low point to this, it was damned funny!!!!!! Even if B.J. was a bit embarassed... Heh...

Overall, it was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience! I was honored to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Jenn, we've known each other since we were four years old! I hope they will have a big family and lots of love for the years to come!

Anyhoo, minnasan, I had better bolt! Domo arigato for the 5400+ WOW!! hits, sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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