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Ohayo, minnasan! Gomen nasai that I haven't posted again for a while, like I said, things have been odd/hectic/concentrated lately.

LNchan, hopefully we can chat this evening if you aren't busy with coding and I haven't ripped my hair out by that point in time. It has been a very long while... ::smiles::

Anyhoo, minnasan, I thought I'd post a small snippet for everyone to read. I've recently been introduced to a computer game from 2000-01 coming from Korea called "War of Genesis III: Part II." If you have never seen Hyung-Tae Kim's art work for these characters, it's like Japanese manga mixed with smart, sleek American style. ABSOLUTE obsession when I saw the character Cristian de Medich and then learned about his terribly tragic storyline. Naturally, I had to write something about it, so enjoy!

"Weep Not For Me..."
By: Miracle Shining

AUTHOR'S NOTES: "War of Genesis III: Part II" belongs to Softmax Inc., the character creator Hyung-Tae Kim (THE GENIUS!) and all related subsidaries. This is a YAOI fan fiction piece and you should be of legal age in your state or country to read this. FLAMES WILL BE BLATANTLY IGNORED! Enjoy! =~.^=V


PAIRING: Hydelloon X Cristian de Medich (WILL MAKE SENSE!)

WARNINGS: Extremely Dark Themes, A Strange Kind of Incest, Blood Shed, Bittersweetness

SUMMARY: Cristian and Hydelloon have a conversation about past events and a strange result occurs...

SNIPPET INFO: This was a snippet that came to me after learning so much about Cristian's tragic part in the WoG game. To fill in, Cristian fought bravely against many evil forces along with his beautiful girlfriend, Joan. During a final confrontation, Joan was killed before Cristian could save her. After Joan's death, he went very insane and became a ruthless, cold blooded, evil killer called Hydelloon. This snippet occurred to me wondering what if they could speak to each other just once...


Two men stared at one another in a seemingly empty room. The walls were white and open with no doors and no windows. They both just stood at different sides of the room and observed the other.

One man wore a white ribbed, sleeveless mock turtleneck. He wore low slung, loose fitting wide legged white pants with silver geometric designs done in a thin stripe down each side. On his waist he wore a holster belt with his holster packs connected in the back, a garish orange ribbon that stretched almost down to his shoes holding the holsters together and on the belt. His hands were clad in white and black accented gloves and his tennis shoes were silver and black. His hair was sepia brown, tousled with some strands just past his chin, others over his neck, his bangs brushing his eyes. Soft brown eyes stared out past impossibly long thick black eyelashes. His name was Cristian de Medich.

The other man wore a long gray trench coat with black and brown accents. At the bottom of the coat was a black panel with silver buttons sewn to cover up his long, baggy black slacks and worn combat boots. The right sleeve of his trench was missing, showing off a white skinned arm that was neither mechanical, nor human, with a gun seeming permanently attached. The other sleeved arm had an equally disturbing white hand peeking out from under the sleeve. His chest was bound up and wrapped tightly with many white bandages, covering old wounds and any news ones that may open or appear. His hair was sepia brown, hanging unkept in his brown eyes, hiding the insane dark glint in them, covered only a bit more by impossibly long thick black eyelashes. His name was Hydelloon.

"Cristian..." the voice was slightly gravelly, almost hissing and deep.

"Hydelloon..." came the response, the voice soft, gentle and almost melodic.

Both men continued to stare at each other and then Hydelloon held up his hand and gestured for Cristian to move forward toward the center of the strange room.

"There is no sense in us standing on either side, we both know what we're going to do."

Cristian looked hesitant for only a moment and then nodded, both men walking to the center of the room. They unconciously took the same stance, one leg resting back a bit from the other, a hand on a hip to support the weight.

"I did not think that I would see the day that I would be speaking to myself."

Hydelloon gave Cristian a strange smile that was neither comforting or happy.

"Nor did I expect to be speaking to myself. But there is a reason and I am sure it has to do with past events."

Cristian nodded and then shook his head.

"I did not think I would turn into what I did."

"You did not think you'd become me? But isn't that what you had wanted, Cristian? To feel no pity, no pain, nothing but the knowledge there would always be revenge?"

The words struck hard into the white shirted man's heart and he was silent. He chewed his bottom lip absently and then looked about the room, unconciously trying to locate a way out, even though he already knew there was none.

"I do not like being where I am. I do not like seeing what you are doing..." Cristian said quietly, his voice trembling slightly.

"You do not like seeing what I do? But I am you, Cristian. I am simply doing what you wanted to do. I enjoy robbing another of the chance of seeing a new day. That was what I was created for..." Hydelloon replied sharply, sarcasm dripping off his tongue like venom.

"Then I want to stop myself." Cristian replied quickly.

"STOP ME?!" Hydelloon let out a an icy, dark laugh that chilled Cristian to the bone. "You can not stop me, Cristian! I am the one who was created by you to do what I am doing! I am the child in this... And you, Cristian, you are my father... My sweet, dear father..."

The inflection on the final sentence was not lost to the man dressed in white and he found himself suddenly face to face with his other self. Their noses were almost touching and they could feel the breath coming out of each other's mouths. Cristian went to step back when he felt cold white hands cupping both sides of his face. His soft peach colored skin made the white hands look even more pale, almost dead in appearance.

"I had often wondered what I used to look like. Whenever I stared into the mirror, I only saw what you had made me to be. But I can see now, Cristian. I look like you, as a son should look like their father..."

"...stop this..." Cristian didn't even realize what he thought was a command came out like a plea.

His eyes flew up and the room suddenly wasn't white any more, it was dark and the walls seemed to have pulled into them, making the strange room suddenly feel like a closet that was almost too small for two people to move in, forcing them to stay close. He wanted to struggle, wanted to break free from the confines of this hidden, voidless force, but couldn't. Instead, his brown eyes were forced to stare back into the same colored ones, though these were wild and dangerous.

There was a light coming from somewhere, almost like a naked bulb sweeping back and forth, casting shadows even though there shouldn't have been with that dark of a room.

"You're so beautiful, Cristian. I now know why Joan loved me so much..."

The very breath of Joan's name snapped Cristian out of his distress over the room and he reached up, suddenly applying a violent amount of pressure to Hydelloon's wrists. The twisting and strength would have broken a normal man's bones in moments.

"NEVER speak her name!"

"And why not?!! I loved her too! I loved her even after you made me! I loved her enough to go and seek vengeance when you locked yourself up in me!"

"She was never yours!!!" Cristian shouted back, now trying to pry Hydelloon's hands from his face, but the man just held tighter, his eyes blazing.


Cristian stared directly now into Hydelloon's eyes, which looked clear and more pained than he could ever imagine. The other man was trembling, his hands causing bruises to bloom on Cristian's warmed cheeks, but he still held, even as he tried to speak, and failed and then tried again.

" you left me... fathers aren't supposed to do that... they're supposed to stay... supposed to love their children... i was yours cristian... i was your creation... your son... and you left me with all this pain... left me to try and fix something i didn't understand 'cuz you never told me... i just wanted to make you happy..."

Cristian swallowed back a lump rising in his throat for fear that so many emotions would come spilling over. He was terrified of the man that he had become and yet, he had never felt more complete than at this moment. Swallowing, he reached up a hand and slowly pressed it to Hydelloon's cheek. They both looked at each other eye to eye, soft brown ones meeting sharp, troubled ones.

"...i didn't just want you as a father... i wanted you... i wanted you to love me... love me the way you loved her... and if you wouldn't acknowlege me, i'd keep killing until you did... until you saw me for me... until you'd let me come home to you..."

The white shirted man's hand moved slowly from Hydelloon's cheek to reaching up with other hand and gently removing the bruising hands from his face, sharp sparks of blue and black starting to become obvious on his unflawed cheeks.

The moment Cristian did that, Hydelloon panicked and grabbed ahold of Cristian's shoulders instead, hard enough to bite into the skin, nails tearing into bared flesh, causing small gashes to form and blood to start dripping down Cristian's shoulders and to his elbows.

"Ssh..." the whisper was gentle, almost against the trench coated man's lips. "Ssh, I'm not going anywhere now, Hydelloon. I understand now. I understand why you've done what you've done. Why I've done what I've done. I understand."

Hydelloon's voice was hardly even a whisper, shaking so hard it was difficult for him to form words completely.

"...even... even after i've been so bad?... do you love me?... love me in that way?..."

Cristian breathed slowly, their eyes perfectly matched, his mind reeling over everything, how it all seemed so clear, even the blood sliding down his arms was what he needed. He had desperately tried to hold onto Joan's memory by creating Hydelloon and in the end, had virtually destroyed himself. He wanted to heal now, and knew there was only one way to do it. And perhaps, it wasn't such a terrible thing.

"Yes, Hydelloon, I love you in that way. I have always loved you in that way. It just took this strange conversation for me to realize it. For me to love myself, it begins with me loving you."

There was a change in Hydelloon's eyes then, suddenly they weren't so angered or bitter, but they were still tired and sad. He dug his nails in deeper, making the wounds open a bit farther on Cristian's arms, wanting them to scar just as Cristian's "abandonment" had scarred him. The white shirted man took it quietly, needing it as much as his trench coated counterpart needed to give it to him.

"...i want you..." the words were soft and slick, almost kissing Cristian's lips.

"Then have me, Hydelloon, my precious son, my creation. Have me a thousand times over and then some, make us whole..."

The kiss that came next was neither romantic nor gentle. It was violent, controlling and overpowering. Cristian sank into it, reveled in finally finding leverage with his warring two halves. One had to submit, one had to domineer. One was logic, the other was emotion. They needed each other, loved each other, desired only each other. It was a full circle.

The kiss carried on, fingernails buried into tender skin, white shirt being rendered to shreds, trench coat sleeve being torn free, white bandages ripped and thrown. When they parted, both were panting, their lips bruised, slightly torn and their tongues tasted each other's pain. The shared touch dulled the sting, making them both smile slightly.

"I love you, Cristian... My father..." Hydelloon spoke softly as he brought his blood tinged nails to brush over Cristian's face.

"I love you too, Hydelloon... My son... Now love me completely... And let us both know peace..."

And so, they began the dance that would end all dances...

...the end?...

Well, there you go, minnasan! Domo arigato for 6000+ (Gojyo, Hakkai, Cristian and Hydelloon Love You for It!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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