Monday, September 22, 2003

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Mickey Mouse sleep shirt
Exhausted but happy...

Ohayo, minnasan, I've returned back from Nan Desu Kan! I'm quite tired, as it was a very busy two and a half days, but well worth the time! I've come with the full "report" of the events that followed!

FRIDAY: We headed out about 8:30 a.m. when Oniisan's friend Jason got there. Surviving barely the long trip through Wyoming, we hit Ft. Collins about 3:30 p.m. and picked up Jason's son Isaac. Hit the motel room about 4:30 p.m. and checked in. ::chuckles:: I've never been so happy to not be moving in my whole life! After we settled, Sissy put on her Misato costume, Oniisan put on his Kaji costume and I put on my "suprise" cosplay outfit, which was Neo from The Matrix Reloaed with two UFO plushie Twin dolls, each holding a "yaoi" related sign. ::laughs:: I actually sorta upset another con goer because of those little signs, nice to know I can still rile people! Got into pre-reg line, which only took five minutes for once! Yosha! But poor Jason and Isaac hadn't prereged, so they had to be in line for another hour and a half. So Sissy, Oniisan and I wandered around for a while. There wasn't a whole lot going on Friday, so after Jason and Isaac registered, we went to dinner, came back, I puked and pretty much we went back to the hotel room and slept. tired...ZZZZZZ

SATURDAY: ::chuckles:: Ah hai, Saturday started a bit different in comparison to my usual mornings. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. due to my shoulder suddenly popping out of it's socket. NOW if that doesn't send you sitting up! Well, I laid there for a bit, and Oniisan woke up and we both decided to go to the con. ::laughs:: So I'm in my penguin print pj's that I dubbed "Pen Pen" pajamas and Oniisan put on his Kaji outfit and we headed over to the con center to watch anime. We got to see an old "Astroboy" episode and this gorgeous raw anime called "Quiet Country Cafe..." (If anyone knows where I can get this anime, please e-mail me, it is so beautiful!) We then tried to sit and watch "Brigadoon" but that was very painful. So a little before six we headed back to across the way to our room. We had breakfast and Sissy put on her Misato costume again, Oniisan was already dressed as Kaji and I put on my Christian de Medich from "War of Genesis III: Part II" outfit. It was fun walking around, there were some very beautiful costumes this year! Hit the dealers room and huzzah, they had a very, very nice yaoi doujinshi table. I made very good friend with the dealer at that table. ::snickers:: Met up with my imoutochan and her friends before her web manga forum. On the up side, I had a wonderful time with Imoutochan! On the down side, I didn't get to go to her forum because I suddenly had a near fainting spell. ::frowns:: I was looking forward to it the whole time, and I never got to hear one word! I didn't have a room key, but thankfully Oniisan and Sissy were in the room. I had to lay down for an hour before I could even think of getting up again. Kinda' a sucky thing to happen at a con, ne? Wandered around for a bit and Kevin Lilliard of A Fan's View website took pics of Oniisan, Sissy and I... Oniisan and Sissy look great, my pic didn't turn out too well, he snapped it just when I was turning, so you can't see my face... ::laughs:: Oh well! The three of us attended the "Japanese in one hour" seminar, which was splendid and absolutely hilarious! Amazing how much Japanese you can learn in an hour! YOSHA! All of us just sorta bummed around for a while then, and we stood in line for the cosplay presentation. Arigato to NDK for making a new MC this year! The cosplay clicked by at an ultra fast pace and the cosplay skits were exceptionally hilarious! ::chuckles:: Sissy and I didn't get to go to the Masquerave like we wanted too this year, we both were so tired we just couldn't make it! Hit the sack once again... ZZZZZ...SNORE...ZZZZ

SUNDAY: Once again, Oniisan, Sissy and I woke up really early and we headed over to check out the anime rooms. Watched another old episode of "Astroboy" and then we got to see what we came for. Sissy wanted to see the first two episodes of "Carried by the Wind," this hilarious feudal Japan styled anime. It was SOOOOO funny! Everyone should totally check it out! Sissy and I have decided next year we'll cosplay as the two main characters, she'll be the cool and calm "Lady Samurai," and I'll be the obnoxious marital artist "Lady Miaou of the Iron Cat Fist Clan..." It'll be very fun! We then hit the dealers room and woo, the money went a flying! List of junk acquired will come at bottom. ::laughs:: We then hit the autograph room to get Tiffany Grant (voice of Asuka from Eva), Chris Patton (lead voice from Gasaraki), and Michael Grant (head of ADV films and Tiffany's husband) to sign our stuff! I was wearing my Jack Sparrow beaded bandana and a PotC shirt on Sunday, so all the voice actors drew little pics on my backpack and wrote little pirate related things on it! ::laughs:: I chatted "PotC" with them of all things! We finally packed up and headed back to Ft. Collins. Jason took all of us to "Chuckie Cheese's" for his son Isaac. We then dropped him off at his mum's house and made the looooong trip back home! I got back to my house at about 8:30 p.m.


1 Final Fantasy X gen doujinshi (very light shonen ai between Jecht and Auron)
1 Xenogears yaoi doujinshi (SigrdXHyuu-Elemental era)
2 Saiyuki yaoi doujinshi (GojyoXHakkai main)
1 Hakkai button pin
1 Hakkai cermaic pin
1 Gojyo ceramic pin
1 Rabi-en-Rose UFO plushie (I've wanted one for so long!)
1 English version of "Fake" second book
1 Hakkai statue you put together
1 mini jar of Batzu Maru erasers (gift from meh Sissy)
1 Nicholas D. Wolfwood keychain (gift from meh Oniisan)
1 Asuka Langely UFO doll (gift to meh Sissy)
Japanese dumplings
Japanese "chocolate pie"
Japense soda

Overall, it was a great convention! I want to apologize to Imoutochan for missing you on Sunday afternoon, we left really early! I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I can! For those of you looking for our pics on Fansview, look on the Saturday listings and keep your eye open for a Misato, a Kaji and a Christian de Medich and tha'll be Sissy, Oniisan and me! Well, now that this LOOOOOOONG report is done, I'm going to get myself much needed sleep! Hope everyone is well and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (VERY proud supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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