Tuesday, September 16, 2003

"Life in a Northern Town" by The Dream Academy from digital radio...
New 2-page "unCONVENTIONal" comic
Green ribbed long sleeved shirt, cappucino jeans, white socks, Jack Sparrow bandana and beads!
Really, really tired...
3 and counting...

Ohayo, I hope that everyone is doing well. ::smiles:: I'm actually quite tired, I helped my mum clean the whole house starting at 6:30 a.m. this morning. Fortunately, our home only has one floor, so there was no worrying about having to go up and down steps. I also just put my kittens down for a nap. Hai, I actually rock my kittens to sleep, they're very big people kitties. I'm just waiting for my pan of double fudge peanut butter chip brownies to cool. My, I'm just a little homemaker, aren't I? =^o^=

Natesan, it was awesome getting to chat with you last night. It's so nice to meet a fellow cosplayer from my state, even if you are attending college in Minnesota. Maybe we can meet some time if I ever get over to eastern South Dakota or you ever head over here to the Black Hills. I still say you make one AWESOME Vincent Valentine...

LNchan, gomen nasai that we've been missing again. ::grits teeth:: I'm still getting adjusted to this new allergy medicine and it's been making me quite the space case. Hopefully we'll get to chat and catch up soon before I head to Denver, ne?

Kichan, I MISS YOU!! I hope that things are going all right for you! I hate the fact that MSN hasn't been working, maybe we can chat on the phone soon, ne?

Moon-chan, I am totally luving your new work on deviantART! You are such a talented artist and I'm honored to be called both your friend and fellow artisan. I hope that your mum is doing much better though!

Jadesan, you'll make it through exams. Just keep your chin up and keep to it. You'll definately succeed!

Starchan, I could never survive all those term papers. You've got a will and tenacity that I could only imagine. ::chuckles:: Guess that's why your the Psych major and I'm not, ne

Imoutochan, I CAN'T wait to see you and Reichan at NDK this year! I know that it'll be a blast and it'll be so much fun to play catch up. I've been advertising your forum here on my Blog, hopefully other people will attend who read this and can be there! Oh, and we'll definately have to do supper or lunch, depending on how the times fall, ne?

Phew, that was quite a few shout-outs to everyone! A lot of people I've been missing lately by mere minutes I think...

NDK is only three days away and once again, I'm advertising my Imoutochan, Rekka's forum. Her and Reichan are awesome artists, awesome manga story writers and the forum is going to be very interesting. Please attend if you can, hai? They've gone to a lot of work to plan this!

Cosplay news, once I return from NDK, I can pick up all the materials for my Arwen gown and hopefully have that done in completion with all the accessories by the second week in October. I've then got to start work on the rest of my Captain Jack Sparrow costume and then begin plans for next year's con outfits. Boy, once you start in on cosplay, it's like you never quit! S'okay, though, I do love it!

Quizzy time for today comes off Moon-chan's LJ and was made by her friend Bianca Marou. This is a hilarious quiz, you've got to take it!

Which Member of the Cereal Mafia Am I?


-Wendell "The Baker" Forcezi
The head of the mafia, he rose to power after assassinating his two brothers who previously ruled jointly with him. When asked about their whereabouts, he only replied, "They're toasty. Real toasty. And cinnamon flavored too." Incredibly brutal, he runs the mafia with an iron fist.

face=Arial size=2>Test made by TARGET="_blank">bianca_marou

::LAUGHS:: This is funny to me, since Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal to eat right next to Grape Nuts. The questions on this are hilarious, it's a must take!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! Domo arigato for the 8600+ (WOO, GO ME!!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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