Tuesday, September 02, 2003

"May It Be" by Enya from "LotR: FotR" soundtrack...
Faded low slung blue jeans, white boys tank, tan socks, maroon fringed sweater hoodie...
Utterly exhausted...
17 and counting...

Ohayo, minnasan! As you can see, I've added a couple new things to meh intro, I was bored and thought it would be funny. The second one "Current Outfit" has to do with a private joke, so the one or two who read this Blog and understand should find it pretty funny... And hai, I am UTTERLY exhausted... Just one of those awful nights...

LNchan, gomen nasai if I missed you last night, I was trying to get the sleep I was told too... Didn't happen and my eye still looks awful. ::sighs:: Hopefully we'll connect again soon!

Kichan, I'm so grateful you're doing better! ::smiles:: I really did miss you and was very concerned about you. I'm glad that your dinner you made for your friend also went so well, I'm sure he appreciated it!

Jadesan, you poor thing! You get lots better for me, hai? No one should have that kind of a nasty virus and still be hungry at the same time! ::send lots of hugs::

Moon-chan, I know that you'll turn out some of the most beautiful pieces of art work... You've got such a gift and I am grateful every day that you're so willing to share it with everyone! Domo arigato...

Oh, on a quick note, I may or may not be getting to keep the two last kittens out of a litter of six this alley cat my fam and I were taking care of had. If I get too, they're two little males! An orange and striped short haired tabby mum named "Herbie," and a deep orange one with a white face and white "bootie" paws with the Japanese Bobtail mum named "Monkey." I hope I do get to keep them! I haven't owned my own cat since we put Foxy down when I was 21! It's about time!

Cosplay news for today, I found the perfect maroonish/red paisley print material for the upper part of the dress sleeves on Arwen's Blood Red Gown! I am so excited! I'm trying to get all the material and decorative lace before Grams and I try and tackle the project, so I won't have to keep running back and forth to Wal-Mart and the fabric stores in Rapid City! I can't wait, that gown has always been my all-time favorite and I finally get the chance to make it! Yay!

Quizzeth Time for today comes compliments of Jadesan's Livejournal and of course Quizilla.com. This was a fun quiz to take and the results (all of them) just had me rolling!

What Jack and Will Moment Am I (slashy)?


Which Jack and Will moment are you from Pirates of the Caribbean? (slashy)
brought to you by Quizilla

::LAUGHS:: I love that result! I figured I would have been the more kinky of the results, but I love the "not quite a couple" moments the two have!

Well, minnasan, that's all for today. As we draw closer to NDK, I'll start posting some general information, especially for the cosplayers who've e-mailed me and wanted to meet me for pictures and such. Domo arigato for the 8400+ (I'll be at 10,000 soon!) hits, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

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