Friday, November 07, 2003

"Kuke-Core" by Mitsuki Saiga-MAKUBEX's theme song...
1 Get Backers fan art, 1 Final Fantasy VII fan art
Dark yellow sweater, "Strike" pants, socks...
Tired, bored, and still in pain...

Ohayo, minnasan, hope everyone is doing well in Cyberland... Haven't had a heck of a lot to do since my knee is being a killer, but I've gotten even more pain killers, so I should be happy and stupid in a little bit!...

LNchan, I read your note, domo... I know how important this writing competition is to you, and I want you to concentrate and finish that most of all! ::hug::

Moon-chan, have fun on vacation and be safe!

Dave, domo for last night, I really appreciated it... Was much easier to sleep afterwards and for once, I didn't have nightmares...

Speaking of Dave, he had this on his LJ, and I decided to take it... It's long, and very, very thorough!... Remember, Kiriban at 10,000, domo for everyone visiting and Ja!.. =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing!)

A Survery:
Have You Ever...
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? yes
{x} Been rejected? yes
{x} Used someone? yes
{x} Been used? Nope
{x} Cheated on someone? Yes
{x} Been cheated on? Yes
Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? My mum
{x} You talked to? Dave
{x} You hugged? Dave
{x} You instant messaged? Nate
{x} You kissed? Dave
{x} You yelled at? No one recently
{x} You laughed with? My mum

{x} Current Mood: cranky and in pain
{x} Current Taste: chocolate
{x} Current Hair: many colors!
{x} Current Annoyance: injured knee
{x} Current Scent: cinnamon
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: Resting my knee
{x} Current Desktop Picture: Ginji and Makubex surrounded by roses I made...
{x} Current Favorite Group: Darren Hayes
{x} Current Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban
{x} Current Car: 1999 Geo Metro
{x} Current DVD In Player: Finding Nemo
{x} Current Worry: Knee Surgery
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity: Johnny Depp... ALWAYS him...
{x} Current Windows Open: None
{x} Current Hate: My knee

{x} Color: Dark Violet
{x} Shoes: Denim sneakers
{x} Candy: Pocky
{x} TV Show: The Muppet Show
{x} Movie: Labyrinth, LotR, Resident Evil, Identity
{x} Vegetable: Everything but hominy
{x} Fruit: Strawberries

On Dating....
{x} Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? Not dating...
{x} Dark or light eyes? Dark
{x} Hat or no hat? Hat is okay
{x} Pierced or no? Yes.
{x} Freckles or none? None
{x} Stubble or neatly shaved? Both are good...
{x} Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? I like pale and thin, but I'll also go for outdoorsy...or Vin Diesel...
{x} Tatoos? If they fit them...

{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Both
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? Yeahhhh...
{x} Sweet or sour? both
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? Root Beer, I can't have Dr. Pepper...
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Horror and sci-fi
{x} Ocean or Pool? both
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Yuck!...
{x} With or without ice-cubes? With.
{x} Gloves or mittens? Gloves
{x} Fly or breathe under water? breathe
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? Bunkbeds... Oh, the fun you can have...
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? hard candy
{x} Lights on or off? On!!!!
{x} Chicken or fish? Both...
What's your favorite:.
{x} Holiday? Tie between Hallow's Eve and Christmas
{x} Radio station? K-SKY 95.1
{x} Place? Disneyworld!...
{x} Flower? Rose
:+:The last time:+:
Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Last movie you saw: Matrix: Reloaded
Last thing you had to drink: Water
Last time you showered: last night
Last person you talked to on the phone: Keri B.

:+:Do I:+:
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yes, I hope it'll leave me now...
Play an instrument?: Yes, flute, piano, some guitar, some saxophone
Believe there is life on other planets?: Hell, I wonder if there's life on this one...
Remember your first love?: Hai, every da...
Still love him/her?: Yep!
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Lots!
Believe in miracles?: Yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Absolutely...
Consider yourself tolerant of others? More than I should be some times...
Consider love a mistake?: Never...
Like the taste of alcohol?: Yuck...
Believe in astrology?: Nope
Believe in magic?: Some kinds...
Believe in god?: Yes
Do well in school? Yep
Go to or plan to go to college: Graduated... WOO-HOO!...
Wear hats?: Yes
Hate yourself?: Nope...
Have an obsession?: His name is Vin...
Have a secret crush?: Yep...
Do they know yet?: Yes
Collect anything?: penguins... ::waits for Dave to start laughing::
Have a best friend?: 4
Close friends?: Yes
Wish on stars?: Every night
Like your handwriting?: I like it...
Care about looks? Not particularly.

:+:Love life:+:
First crush: Johnny Depp when he was in "Edward Scissorhands..."
Single or attached?: Single!...
Do you believe in love at first sight? Nope...
Do you believe in "the one?": Not sure... But I believe in Neo!!...
Describe your ideal significant other: Sensual, smart and sexy...

:+:Juicy stuff:+:
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: More than once...
Have you ever been intoxicated?: Nope
Favorite place to be kissed?: Back of neck, lips, back
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": Heh... heh...I kinda' hope we do some time...
Are you a tease?: Yep!
Shy to make the first move?: First move...

:+:Are you a:+:
Wuss: Nope
Druggy: No.
Daydreamer: to an extent...
Freak: I've been told...
Dork: Yes
Bitch/Asshole: I have my moments...
Sarcastic: Very...
Goody-goody: Nope
Devil: In the bedroom I can be...
Shy: Nada
Talkative: Sometimes
Adventurous: Yep
Joker: Yes
Flirty: All the time...

x. movie you rented = 28 Days Later
x. movie you bought = Fnding Nemo
x. song that was stuck in your head = "What You Like" by Darren Hayes
x. song you've downloaded = "Beast Master" by Takanori Hoshimo
x. cd you bought = Haven't in a long time...
x. cd you listened to = Clay Aiken's new one I think...
x. person that's called you = Keri B.
x. tv show you've watched = We Are the 80's...
x. person you were thinking of = My mum
x. you think about suicide = Don't get blood on the carpet...
x. you believe in online dating = Met Dave that way and was with him for five years...
x. others find you attractive = They must... I have groupies... =o.O=
x. you want more piercings = Nope...
x. you want more tattoos = Nope...
x. you like cleaning = Yes
x. you like roller coasters = Only the ultra fast ones that could make my nose bleed...
x. you write in cursive or print = Both
x. you carry a donor card = No

for or against..
x. long distance relationships = Half and half...
x. using someone = If the necessity calls for it.
x. suicide = Nada
x. killing people = Nada
x. teenage smoking = It's their lungs...
x. doing drugs = Nada
x. premarital sex = Up to them, it's their bodies...
x. driving drunk = NO!!!
x. gay/lesbian relaionships = Yes
x. soap operas = Only if I sense UST between two male charas...

x. gum = Cantelope
x. thing in the world = My big stuffed penguin... ::waits again for Dave to start laughing::
x. thing to do on a rainy day = RUN AROUND NAKED IN IT!!!...
x. feeling in the world = Love...
x. thing to do = Art!...
x. thing to talk about = Art!...
x. sports = air hockey...
x. picture = My whole family together one...
x. cars = (shortened version of her dream car) Fully loaded Mitsubishi Spider with Nitro boosts...
x. ever cried over a Boy/Girl = Yes
x. ever lied to someone = Yes
x. ever been in a fist fight = Yup!!!
x. ever been arrested = Not yet...

x. shampoo do you use = Suave for kids...
x. perfume/aftershave do you use = Sand and Sable...
x. shoes do you wear = Denim sneakers
x. are you scared of = beetles
x. of continents you have lived on?: 1
x. of drugs taken illegally?: 0
x. of people you would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: 4
x. of people you consider my enemies?: 1
x. of people from high school that you stayed in contact with?: 2

yes or no...
x. You keep a diary: yes
x. You like to cook: yes
x. You exercise regulary: yes
x. You sketch while you are on the phone: yes
x. You have read a book in the past week: no
x. You replace the toilet-paper roll immediately: no
x. You like crossword puzzles: no
x. You have visited the Eiffel Tower: no
x. You have a secret you have never shared with anyone: Yes
x. You wait until the last minute to fill your car up with gas: No
x. You snore: No
x. You have been to your ancestor's homeland: Yes...I live on it!...
x. You read in the bathroom: Yes
x. You have been sick on a vacation: Yes
x. You often have people over at your house: No
x. You like America: It's had it's moments...
x. You can remember jokes: Yes
x. You play cards: yes
x. You fold your underwear: yes
x. You talk in your sleep: I don't know... Do I?...
x. You eat fast: Yes
x. You recycle small batteries: No
x. You often avoid paying full price: Yes
x. You like hiking: Yes!
x. You like being on the: whatever position we land in is good with me...
x. You shave regularly: Yes
x. You are a few minutes ahead: yes
x. You are always late: NO!!...
x. You often get headaches: Not any more...
x. A naked photo of you exists: Yes
x. You can whistle: Yes
x. You write letters regularly: No
x. You believe in destiny: 1/2 and 1/2
x. You brush your teeth three times a day: Two.
x. You have something you wish to confess: Nope!...
x. You change your bed sheets weekly: No
x. You bite your fingernails: Yes
x. You pick your nose: No
x. You have eaten in a restaurant alone: yes
x. You have gone to a movie alone: yes
x. You have taken a vacation alone: no
x. You have not used hair dryer in the past five years: nope
x. You have hit your father or mother in anger: Never
x. When you think you have done something wrong, you are quick to apologize: Yes
x You lose control in heated arguments: no
x. In the morning when your alarm clock sounds, you get out of bed immediately: Yes
x. You drank mother's milk: Nope
x. You hate parties: Only hate them if I don't know anyone...
x. You have stolen money from your parents: Nope
x. You have fired a gun: Watched others...
x. You often have the last word: Yes
x. You give money to homeless people: Nope
x. Money has influenced your character: No
x. You know who you are: Yes
x. You enjoy being photographed: Eh, it's fine...
x. Life treats you well: Yes

favorite memory: Graduating college after five yeas
least favorite memory: My friend Michael's funeral...

what do you think...
about pop music: Only if it's Australian...
about boy bands: They make for good slash fiction...
about flag burning: Eh...
of the war on terrorists: Is THAT what we're spending money on?...
about abortion: It's their body...
about rock/metal music: Woo-hoo!...

In the Opposite Sex
Guitar or Drum Player - drums
Skater or Surfer - Beatnik
Brains or Looks - Both

Hamburger or Hotdog - Neither
Pie or Cake - pie
Apple or Banana - Apples
Chicken or Beef - chicken
Oreos or Chips Ahoy - oreos
Pancakes or Waffles - Waffles!...
Strawberry or Cherry - strawberry
Watermelon or Cantaloupe - cantaloupe
Potato or Macaroni Salad - Neither
Wheat or White - wheat
Tic Tacs or Altoids - Altoids
Sausage or Bacon - Bacon!...
Sour Cream and Chive or BBQ - BBQ

Baseball or Football - Baseball
Swim or Track - Swim
Tennis or Golf - tennis
Skiing or Sledding - Neither
Bicycling or Jogging - Biking

JC Penny's or Sears -Neither
Walmart or Target - Both
Trophy's or TGI Fridays - Neither

Pants or Shorts - pants
Zip-Up or Pull-Over Sweatshirt - zip up
Sandals or Tennis Shoes - shoes.
Dresses or Skirts - Neither
Print or Solid - solid

Bob or Bill - BOB!... (personal joke)
Jessica or Jennifer - Jennifer
Aaron or Erin - Erin
Carrie or Kari - Keri actually or Kerry
Todd or Tom - Tom
Lynn or Lee - Lee
Sarah or Susie - Sarah
Jack or John - Jack.
Lisa or Linda - Lisa
Matt or Nick - Both

Punk or Rock - Rock
Country or Bubble Gum pop - neither
Rap or Techno - techno
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera - neither
*N Sync or Backstreet Boys - neither
Korn or Staind - neither!
Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park - Man, these are like choosing between two evils!...
Guitar or Drums - drums
Piano or Violin - both
CDs or Radio - CDs

Dawson's Creek or 7th Heaven - Neither
Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel
Law and Order or The Practice - Neither
Spy TV or Candid Camera - Neither
Smallville or Charmed - Neither

Bruce Willis or Kevin Costner - Bruce Willis
Jennifer Love Hewitt or Neve Campbell - Neither
Aladdin or Lion King - Lion King
Snow White or Sleeping Beauty - Sleeping Beauty, has my favorite Disney villian.
Comedy or Drama - Comedy
Horror or Science Fictin - Both!
Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer - Scream...
Not Another Teen Movie or Scary Movie - neither
Titanic or Pearl Harbor - NEITHER!!...
The Mask or Ace Ventura - The Mask...

Computer/Video Games
Dogpile or Google - Google
Mac or PC - PC
PS2 or N64 - PS2.
Mario Brothers or Zelda - Zelda

Pen or Pencil - pen
English or History - English
Math or Science - Science.
Home Economics or Woodshop - Neither...
Backpack or Messenger Bag - Backpack

Fish or Hamster - Hamster
Tiger or Lion - Both (knows Hercules and Tane!)
Butterfly or Lady Bug - Butterfly!!!!!
Seals or Otters - Otters

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