Wednesday, December 17, 2003

"May It Be" by Enya from "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings" soundtrack...
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Oniisan's old sweater, tan jeans, socks
Excited and cold...

Ohayo, minnasan, I hope that everyone out there in Cyberland is doing well! I had a really lousy night trying to sleep, as my chest cold has progressively gotten worse. The docs already told me it's not the flu, (THANK KAMISAMA!), but I still have to wade through the worst part before it gets better... I'm on about my fifth day of no real sleep, so I'm starting to get REALLLLLLY unpleasant to be around...

But in extremely good news... RETURN OF THE KING PREMIERE TONIGHT!!! I admit, I wasn't geeky enough to attend a midnight showing and it was wayyy too cold to do so anyway! But still, I finally get to see my favorite of the trilogy come to the big screen! I'm meeting Oniisan and Sissy in the theatre parking lot at 6 p.m. and we're all going to wait in line together. Plus, I'm hoping with it being not very pleasant conditions, it might keep some of the Orlando Bloom Screaming Fan Girls at bay... Somehow I doubt it though... =-.-=;;

Almost done with all the preperations for the Holidays! All Mum and I have left to do is make some homemade bath salts and I need to dip some pretzels in chocolate and we're finished! It's so much fun to be able to have the last week before Christmas with nothing to do! HUZZAH! In fact, on Saturday if it's nice, we're going to go and check out all the really elaborate Christmas lights in Rapid City!

Cosplay news for today is of course located at Picture Perfect, which also has a new look by the way! I also added a new icon, featuring me in my old FFX Rikku cosplay, since I thought it was such a nice picture! If you have the time, please answer the question to my mini-survey on what my final cosplay choice is, hai?...

Quizzy time for today was stolen off Jadesan's Livejournal and I figured fit the mood for today!

What Race of Middle Earth Am I From?


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

I actually don't mind being ranked among the Numenorean, since they're the ones who end up ruling everything any ways... I just wish that we weren't so tragic!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan! I'm going to head out into town for a bit and then come home and have a nap! Domo arigato for the 9850+ hits (WOO, 10000 HERE WE COME!), sign my Guestbook onegai and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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