Monday, December 22, 2003

July to December 22nd, 2003

I think it was Charles Dickens who wrote in "A Christmas Carol" that "Life is full of meetings and partings..."

Though Feline Leukemia took you from me at a very early age, I was very happy for the time we had together and all the laughter and love you brought to me. It was very hard having to say good-bye, but I like to think that kittens go to the same place as children in Heaven. I bet there's a little girl running around trying to catch your half tail right now...

I'm glad I got to have you in my life and I promise I'll take care of your little kitten brother, Herbie for you. He misses you I know, but he's got his Uncle Cat Topper to watch over him, so we'll all be okay.

I love you so much, Monkey, and I'm so glad we had this time together here on Earth... I look forward to seeing you and holding you again in future in Heaven.


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