Monday, May 03, 2004

"I Will Live for Love (Dream a Lot Theme Song)" by Donna Summer from Digital Dance Radio
1 Original, 3 pages for RR comic Ripple Effect
Maroon free style dance pants, white sports bra, socks

Konnichiwa, minnasan!... I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing quite well!... Oi, it's been a long time since I updated this Blog, hasn't it?... ::laughs:: But I swear I haven't forgotten, I just got tied up with everything and am still looking for a job!... But I just came back from my run and playing in the park on the swings, and I feel great!... :D

I want to take a moment to thank my dear friend Starchan for sending me all the wonderful gifts she has in the past couple days!... She's like my own personal Santa Claus, she spoils me so much about every other month! SANKYUU STARCHAN! ::HUGE HUGS:: This month, I got from her:

1. The Chronicles of Riddick laminated see through poster
2. The Van Helsing laminated see through poster
3. Purple baby-tee with a pic from the Matrix doujinshi I made for her printed on it! (How spiffy is that?)
4. Mini Dawn of the Dead poster
5. Twinkie flavored lip gloss (SO YUMMY!)

I feel like the most spoiled little nekochan in the world! ::laughs happily::

And of course, HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY ONIISAN, AND HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY ONIISAN AND SISSY! Both were celebrated on May 1st!... Oniisan decided to marry Sissy on his birthday, so he'd never forget their anniversary! ::laughs:: My fam gets to take them out for dinner tomorrow and Sissy and I are going hiking again on Wednesday, which I always look forward too!...

Now I'm going to take a couple moments and do my manga recommendations for today!... ::chuckles:: A couple of them I might have mentioned in the past, and a couple may or may not be new!...

EERIE QUEERIE/GHOSTS! #1 This manga is quite fun, cute art work with a very adorable shonen-ai bend... It's not often that I can say I really like the uke in mangas, but I absolutely adore Mitsuo, I think he's terribly sweet and all those possessions he gets put through says a lot about his character! Hasunuma is a wonderful seme, a pleasant suprise in my case, since he's not overly pushy, even if he's a bit "sneaky" about getting to touch and kiss Mitsuo... ::chuckles::

AQUARIAN AGE JUVENILE ORION #1 Based on the very popular Japanese card game, "Juvenile Orion," there's more bishonen in this book then you can shake a stick out... Though the main story focuses on our heroine Mana and her relationship with the dark, brooding Kaname, there's quite a bit of shonen-ai references, especially between the WIZ-ARD Catholic Priest Tomonori and the ERASER angel he saved, Tsukasa... Out of all the characters, I love Tsukasa the most, he doesn't remember his past, and he just wants to be with Tomonori forever... So tragic and romantic!

GET BACKERS #2: For those of you who've been waiting for the storyline to continue, it's a great new edition to the GB fun!... You're introduced to both Akabane and Hitomi in this particular arc, as well as HEVN's clothes bursting off her... I love HEVN, I think she's a riot!... Lots of fun, lots of action and a lot of inferred stuff!...

Picture Perfect has a new look for May, featuring the "Eerie Queerie/Ghosts!" boys!... It's a little dark, but Sissy really liked it, so that meant a lot to me... I talk about my venture into making my Black Mage Rikku leggings, which is turning out to be a lot less hassle than I thought!...

Quizzy time for today comes compliments of again...

What is my Anime Zodiac?... What is Your Anime Zodiac?

Which is really amazing, since I actually am a Gemini!... These Zodiac tests I always find amusing, 'cuz I always test out as my real Zodiac... Must be a Gemini through and through, ne?...

Whoops, I had better run, minnasan... There's a donut in the next room screaming to be eaten!... XD Domo arigato for all the hits, remember the Kiriban with screenshot as 12345, sign my Guestbook and ja ne for now!... =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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