Saturday, July 17, 2004

"Not In Love" by Enrique Iglesius and Kelis from a song in my head...
1 Original manga page, 1 Troy fan art
Tye-dyed purple sleeveless shirt, capri pants
A little bit lost...

Ohayo, minnasan... Gomen nasai that I haven't posted anything for a very long time, a lot of things have come up really suddenly and I've not had the mind to even write anything down in this blog... ::sighs:: I want to thank everyone right now for the support they've given me, and for the help they're giving me right now, it is more than appreciated...

Yesterday, my Aunt Virginia passed away very suddenly from an epileptic seizure, and we're now trying to get everything ready for the funeral... It's really strange to think she was so young, and now I'm not going to get to see her again until it's time for me to head on to the next life... ::smiles a bit:: But you know what? I know that she's really happy, 'cuz she's with all her family again... She never was married when she was on Earth, and never had any kids of her own, but she helped raise my pop as well as 12 other kids, none of them ever her own children... Virgie, you were one heck of a lady, an inspiration to all of us, and the one person who could make a joke at anything... I love you so much, and you'll be greatly missed... Just give those angels up there a run for their money, ne?... ::smiles:: Thank you for the beautiful life you lived while you were with us, it was more than any of us could have asked for...

My mum also is very ill today, she came down with a terrible flu virus and is spiking a 100 degree temp... It's not been a good run for us lately, but we're staying in positive spirits... Pop is doing really well, and we'll all figure it out, ne? Sounds like even my cousin from Australia is flying up, so that'll be nice too... Overall, I think we'll be okay... I wanted to thank LNchan and Moon-chan for the kind words they left me on their Blournal and Gaia accounts, it meant so much to me!

I know some of you have been wondering why Picture Perfect hasn't been updated in a while... Quite simply, I haven't been able to sew anything for a while, but I'm going to try and do a little today to keep my mind busy... So check back there again soon, I'll have an update again, I promise! =^^=

I decided I needed a bit of cheering up, and taking on-line quizzes always brings a smile to my face, so I decided to post a whole bunch of quizzes, all coming compliments of Hope they bring a smile to your face too!
What Sanrio Character Am I? What Sanrio Character Are You?
::chuckles:: I had to take this one, I'm a Sanrio nut and I admit it... I was suprised to get my cutie duckie, Pekkle though, I was sure I would have been the evil penguin, Badtz Maru!

What Wolf's Rain Wolf Am I? What Wolfs Rain Wolf Are You?
Now this was a bit of a suprise to me, I was sure I'd be Hige... We're both goofy that way...

What Chobits Character Am I? What Chobits Character Are You?
I admit that I don't care for CLAMP much at all, but Chobits has a certain enduring quality, though I figured I would have been Black Chii, but I guess I'm not ebil enough... XD
What Magic User's Club Character Am I? What Magic User's Club Character Are You?
WAI!! And I get to be flamboyant to boot!
What is my Anime Friendship? The Anime Friendship Quiz
I think that pretty well sums it up... I do have a wide expanse of friends, and we've all got our differences, but we always come to each other's aide!

Well, that's all for today, minnasan... Sankyuu again for the support you've given me, and there's always a silver lining to everything, no matter how bad it seems! Sankyuu for all the hits, Kiriban if you have a screenshot at 13,000, sign my Guestbook onegai, and ja ne for now! =~.^=V (Proud Supporter of the 58 Pairing and Ginji Lover!)

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