Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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Kinda' Nervous =O.o=

Ohayo goziamasu, minnasan! I come typing to you at a little after 3 a.m. this morning Mountain Standard Time. I am currently about two hours away from getting a major unplanned surgery, but it had to be done. I'll be getting a full fledged hysterectomy today with about six weeks recovery time. I'm not as nervous about it as I thought I would be, which is really good. I've got a lot of faith and I know I've been already blessed through this. I know the surgeons who will be working on me are going to have their hands guided and I know that my parents will be there with me, praying for me. I'm grateful I'll have this done and I know despite the recovery time, I'm going to be doing SO much better after the pain I've been in. Heck, I can take a little pain from surgery over continual pain!

I'll be MIA from my home until Friday afternoon/early evening when I'll get discharged. From then on in, I'll be off-line from my computer for about another five days. After that, I can check my e-mail for a limited time, but there will no on-line chatting for at least another week and a half to two weeks. Mostly because it hurts a bit to sit with my legs bent for long periods of time. The fourth week I'll be pretty much recovered, but I still have another two weeks where I'm under a strict lifting regime, where I can lift nothing over 10 lbs. The convention falls under the fifth week and I'm still allowed to go. I'll be watched over by Shareecechan and the Genki gang, so they'll take good care of me. They're going to make sure I definately don't overdo it, but still enjoy myself!

If you can refrain from e-mailing me during this period of time, it would greatly help. I won't get to check any of my e-mail and I know that my mailbox is going to get REALLY clogged up during this time. Everyone is welcome to comment on this Blog, at my LJ, or on the Myspace account I own. All links to those journals are located on the side bar.

Well, I will come to a close on this post. I've been pretty relaxed, though my stomach is flip-flopping a little right now. I'm quite hungry too and have to go to the bathroom, but I'll perservere! I know I'll keep the faith and I hope everyone has a safe few days! Until next time, minnasan, ja ne! =~.^=V

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