Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter! (My New Liz Lisa Dress!)

Hello all you Sparkling Girls!  I hope that you are having a gorgeous Easter!  It was very chilly this morning but as the day has moved on, it's getting much nicer!  The apple tree outside of my fence is getting pink blossoms on it and they smell SO good! 

I got to premiere my new dress today at church!  It's by Liz Lisa and I felt very Hime Kaji in it.  It fit like a dream and I love the "peasant" style to it!

I hope that you all have a beautiful day with family and friends!  I will see you all soon!  Ja ne for now!  =^.~=V


Mery Arbi said...

hi! i did not know about ur blog and is so cute!!i'm following u now what about following eachother??

Miracle Shining said...

Hello to you! I would love to follow your Blog too! Thank you for following me!