Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Apple Trees Fit for a Princess!

Hello all you Sparkling Girls!  I hope that you're having a gorgeous evening!  It was raining very lightly today and made all the new green forming on the trees so bright and vibrant!  Spring is such a magical time, isn't it?

I want to take a moment and thank and welcome all my new followers!  It makes me Hime heart so happy to meet other Gyarus!  Thank you!

I have a really pretty apple tree outside of my guest room in my home.  Every year it blooms stunning deep pink blossoms that are so fragrant and beautiful!  I took a couple pictures to share with everyone!

Aren't they pretty?  The tree is even more full of blossoms tonight since the rain has helped them flourish!

I'll be posting new photos of some my outfits as well as the cute jewelry you can buy at my Art Table at SoDak Con this year.  So if you're a Gyaru, a Lolita, a Fairy Kei or just like cute things, please come and visit me!

Until next time, Sparking girls, ja ne!  =^.~=V

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